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Psychology Career Outlook

The number of positions of employment held by psychology degree holders continues to increase at present and in the foreseeable future. Psychology is an ever evolving field and so too are the communities of people which they help.

Psychologists have played an integral part in assisting in rehabilitation and recovery from various issues individuals suffer from. Aspects of psychology are now applied by the many producers to analyze consumer behaviors. Psychological concepts are even being applied in the fields of robotics to help in the ease of communications and interactions with technology based applications.

According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics there were 181,600 positions for employment for psychology degree holders in 2021. The statistics speak for themselves and with new arenas for the application of psychology being discovered the number of positions for individuals with a qualification in psychology is likely to increase significantly in the future.

Whether a person wishes to pursue a career in neurological research or simply be a school counselor the necessity of an accredited qualification in psychology is mandatory. If you are hoping to make a place for yourself in this line of work is just the place for you.

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