Social Psychology Degree Programs – Accredited Online and Campus Degrees [2024]

Last Updated: June 23, 2024

Social psychology basically deals with the comprehension and justification of how the behaviors, thoughts, and emotions of humans are being influenced by other people. It is important to keep in mind that this branch of psychology

is not only limited to certain behaviors but is also inclusive of the understanding of perception and interaction.

Social psychologists are engaged in the observation and assessment of how individuals communicate with others. The main objective of the professionals in this field is to understand the reasons behind the behavior of a person, which is made possible through thorough research.

In order to study such, there is a need to understand various factors such as peer pressure and other social dilemmas. The major premise that operates behind this branch of psychology is that humans re social animals and can b easily influenced by external factors.

Some of the modes of influences are media and social norms. More importantly, social psychology bridges the gap between sociology and psychology.

Master’s Degree

Taking a master’s degree in social psychology will make it possible for you to have a clarification of the influential forces that are present within the society. Social psychologists, at this level, are able to study how the individual human behavior is influenced by various groups.

Some of the areas that are covered in this level include group behavior, criminal behavior, social cognition, and stereotyping. More so, the specific courses that you will take in a master’s degree in this specialized field of psychology may include:

– Group dynamics
– Social psychology
– Statistical methods of research
– Attitude formation
– Social cognition

Doctorate Degree

Furthermore, if you want to have a more extensive knowledge in this field, you might want to consider taking a doctoral degree. This will provide you with elaborate learning on research methodologies, concepts, and theories related to social psychology.

In this level, you will have to study the different aspects of motivation, attitudes, and social development. You will also be required to complete an independent research.

Subjects to study in a doctorate program may include:

– Psychology of self-control
– Social neuroscience
– Human stereotyping
– Social development
– Groups and cooperation
– Perception and attitude

If you would like to pursue the numerous career opportunities in this field, you might be interested in online psychology degrees. This is a popular option for many people because it is less expensive and more convenient compared to studying in a traditional campus.

Career Opportunities

With a degree related to social psychology and practical experiences in the field, you can realize that there are numerous opportunities that can be grabbed by people in this specialization

One of the careers that can be taken into account would be being a probation officer. Under such position, you will be required to counsel offenders, develop treatment plans for their rehabilitation, and create assessment reports. The main objective of this profession is the discovery of social discrimination that has triggered the offender to commit a crime.

You can also consider a career in marketing research. This will require the collection and analysis of data from the target market.

Through a variety of research techniques that you have learned while studying, you are expected to investigate various issues and uncover insights from the customers, which will make it possible for the company to determine the best route in serving the market. This will prove to be helpful in designing products and services, as well as marketing communication practices.

More so, you can also become a public relations officer. Under such career, you will need to understand the concerns of related properties and be able to demonstrate superior interpersonal skills to function effectively.

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