Accredited Online Psychology Bachelors Degrees in Washington State [2024 Guide]

You are eager to explore the world of human behavior, and you have often found yourself wondering how thoughts and emotions intertwine to shape our actions. You know a career in psychology would allow you to explore these questions and make a meaningful impact. However, your current life situation – be it work commitments, family responsibilities, or location – prevents you from attending traditional college classes.

Enter the world of Online Psychology Bachelor’s Degrees! Imagine a program where the classroom comes to you, where the bustling streets of Seattle or the tranquil landscapes of Spokane can be your backdrop as you dive into psychological theories and practices. Washington State’s renowned institutions now offer you the chance to learn from experienced faculty, all from the comfort of your home or local coffee shop.

Online psychology bachelor’s degrees in Washington State are more than a way to earn a degree; they are a door to understanding humanity, a path to fulfilling work, and a solution that finally aligns with your life’s rhythm. So why not embrace this opportunity?

best accredited online psychology bachelors degree in Washington state

Online Psychology Bachelor’s Degrees in Washington State

Listed below are some of the popular schools offering online psychology bachelor’s degrees in Washington state:

  • Washington State University
  • Northwest University
  • Arizona State University Online
  • Capella University
  • Grand Canyon University
  • Southern New Hampshire University
  • Purdue Global
  • Eastern Oregon University

Washington State University

Online Bachelor of Science (BS) in Psychology

The human mind is an intriguing puzzle, full of mysteries and complexities that define who we are. If you are curious about understanding people’s thoughts, emotions, and behaviors, then diving into psychology could be the right path for you.

At Washington State University, you can take part in a 120-credit online bachelor’s program in psychology that’s designed to provide you with a solid grasp of the principles of psychology and how scientists study the mind. Learning to pinpoint and tackle human issues systematically is a valuable ability that you can apply in various areas of life.

This degree doesn’t just open doors to advanced studies in psychology; it also equips you with essential skills for numerous careers like health care, social work, law, research, business, and more.

In this online bachelor’s program, you will need to complete 35 credits of psychology courses, with at least 15 credits from advanced (300-400 level) courses. Also, you will need two years of a foreign language from high school or one year in college before you graduate. The program does offer some flexibility to meet your individual needs, as long as you meet these basic requirements.

WSU’s online psychology program is not only highly regarded but also ranked among the top online programs in the nation. Professors from the College of Arts and Sciences are committed to engaging with you and making sure you have a comprehensive educational experience, even in the fully online format.

During the program, you will have the chance to get hands-on experience by participating in undergraduate research or working as a tutor, grader, or instructional assistant. This virtual environment also gives you access to resources like the Online Psychology Student’s Resource Room and networking opportunities with groups like the Global Campus Chapter of WSU’s Psychology Club and Psi Chi, the Psychology National Honor Society.

What’s more, many online psychology courses at WSU use Open Education Resources (OER), which are free online materials instead of physical textbooks. This approach is designed to cut costs for you, and the program is moving toward using OER materials for all online psychology courses.

The four main learning goals for the BS degree in Psychology at WSU are:

  1. You will grasp the basics of research design and analysis.
  2. You will be able to recognize how society impacts individual behavior and understand the importance of cultural context in defining normal and abnormal behavior.
  3. You will develop the skills to critically evaluate scientific studies.
  4. You will become proficient in writing about psychological concepts.

This program is tailored to help you explore the fascinating world of the human mind and pave the way for exciting opportunities in your future. Whether your interest lies in furthering your education or entering a thriving career field, the WSU online psychology bachelor’s program could be the key to unlocking your potential.

Northwest University

Online Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Psychology

At Northwest University, the online Bachelor of Arts in Psychology Degree is designed to deepen your understanding of human behavior and emotions. This 120-credit program combines insights from psychology, anthropology, sociology, and cultural studies to create a solid foundation in social sciences. It’s designed to challenge you and give you the tools to become a change-maker, with the responsibility of making a positive impact on the lives of individuals around the world.

The online BA in Psychology is offered by the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences through the Center for Online and Extended Education. You can conveniently take classes in the evenings or on Saturdays. The whole four-year program can be completed via the online and extended education program, with semesters following a non-traditional schedule. This makes the program ideal if you are a working adult who wants to study psychology but can’t make it to the on-campus daytime classes.

This program will prepare you for entry-level jobs after your degree, including roles in human services across different cultural settings, as well as for further studies in social sciences.

Once you earn this degree, you will be able to:

  • Use key concepts, theories, and findings from psychology to solve behavioral issues.
  • Analyze psychological phenomena by interpreting behavior, looking at research, and using scientific methods.
  • Showcase your skills in research, writing, and presentations, particularly using APA style, which is common in psychology.
  • Assess how cultural differences affect psychological development.
  • Critically analyze the relationship between spirituality and psychological theories.
  • Incorporate aspects of self-reflection, project management, and career preparation into your personal and professional life.

Some of the core courses you will take include:

  • Cultural Psychology: You will explore the connections between psychology, culture, and social justice, understanding how culture impacts psychology and human behavior. You will also explore your own culture and others, examining cultural influence on thought, behavior, relationships, and society.
  • Theories and Process of Counseling: You will learn about the field of counseling psychology, including an introduction to the main theoretical approaches. You will also explore various areas where counseling skills are used, such as career, school, grief, substance abuse, groups, and more.
  • Marriage and Family: This course provides a study of the family as a social institution, with a focus on the modern family and positive ideals for a successful marriage and parenthood. You will also learn about dysfunctional families and strategies for intervention.
  • Lifespan Psychology: This course surveys human development from conception to death, focusing on the interplay of physical, cognitive, social, emotional, and moral development within sociocultural contexts.
  • Community Psychology: In this course, you will examine social issues and community well-being by combining applied psychology with sociology, ecology, community development, public policy, prevention science, and cultural anthropology.
  • Child and Adolescence: You will explore how children grow, behave, and develop from infancy through adolescence, focusing on how children interact with their environment and their emotional, physical, and social well-being.
  • Psychology Capstone: As the final course in the program, this gives you a practical application and synthesis of the key concepts of psychology, culture, and social justice.

Northwest University’s online BA in Psychology is designed to make a difference, both in your life and the lives of those you will impact in your future career.

Arizona State University Online

Online Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Psychology

The online Bachelor of Arts in Psychology program at Arizona State University (ASU) offers you a chance to deeply understand the human mind and behavior. This program covers topics like motivation, learning processes, statistical data analysis, and the functioning of the brain. With this online psychology degree, you will gain the necessary skills for careers in psychological treatment, law, business, social services, and beyond.

The curriculum for this degree blends theoretical learning with practical application, giving you a broad, engaging educational journey. You will be introduced to the core concepts of psychology that will underpin your further courses and shape your career path.

As you work toward your bachelor’s degree in psychology, you will explore the various specializations within the field of psychology and learn how to apply your knowledge to real-world problems.

With your bachelor’s degree in psychology, you can decide to advance to postgraduate studies or step into the professional world. One of the major perks of this online degree is its versatility – it can help you achieve a variety of academic and professional aspirations. Typical career paths in psychology encompass research and clinical roles, but note that some careers might require further study. Here are a few sectors where graduates commonly find work:

  • Medicine
  • Mental health services
  • Policy development
  • Public administration
  • Social work

This program also grants you access to internship and research opportunities under the mentorship of world-class faculty members. These opportunities are designed to prime you for the next phase of your career or further academic pursuits.

Furthermore, this program can be a part of an Accelerated Master’s program. If you are accepted into this program, you could earn your master’s degree just one year after finishing your bachelor’s degree – a time and cost-efficient way to enhance your expertise in your field.

As an online student at ASU, you will receive the same high-quality instruction from the same faculty as students on campus, no matter where you are in the world. The faculty at ASU are known for their innovative, world-class academic achievements.

Capella University

Online Bachelor of Science (BS) in Psychology

Capella’s online Bachelor of Science (BS) in Psychology program is all about helping you understand the intricate aspects of human behavior and thinking. It’s designed to give you a well-rounded understanding, following the guidelines set by the American Psychological Association.

In this program, the core courses will create a strong foundation for you, helping you get a grasp on essential psychological theories and practices. As you move forward, your chosen specialization will guide you toward specific professional skills, culminating in your final project.

Psychology isn’t just about understanding minds; it opens doors to numerous career paths. In the BS in Psychology program at Capella, you can choose one of two specializations:

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA): Want to know why people act the way they do? This specialization helps you grasp why certain behaviors occur and how you can use that knowledge to make lives better. Specifically, you will learn how to work with children and adults diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder or other intellectual disabilities. This track includes five courses verified by the Association for Behavior Analysis International (ABAI) and preps you for the Board Certified Assistant Behavior Analyst (BCaBA) exam.

On successful completion of this specialization, you should be able to:

  • Design and evaluate behavior interventions using core principles.
  • Assess the results of applied behavior analysis research.
  • Use research to create behavior treatment plans.
  • Uphold ethical and multicultural standards in your work.
  • Communicate like a professional in psychology.
  • Connect psychological knowledge to your academic and career ambitions.

General Psychology: If you are looking to broaden your understanding of psychology, this track is for you. You will explore essential concepts, theories, findings, and trends in psychology. Topics include social, abnormal, positive, and biological psychology, along with lifespan development, motivation, learning, research methods, culture, diversity, and ethics.

Upon successful completion of this specialization, you should be able to:

  • Apply your psychological knowledge to your personal life, professional growth, and societal challenges.
  • Improve your communication and mathematical skills.
  • Use creative thinking and problem-solving within the realm of psychology.
  • Get familiar with key ideas, perspectives, findings, and historical progress in psychology.
  • Analyze information, use research methods, and technology specific to psychology.
  • Utilize psychological principles to tackle personal, social, and organizational problems.
  • Embrace ethical behavior, appreciate empirical evidence, and understand the complexities of different cultures and diversity.

Whether you are interested in applied behavior analysis or general psychology, Capella’s online BS in Psychology program is tailored to equip you with the skills and knowledge you will need to achieve your goals. It’s a path that offers both personal growth and professional opportunities in fields like education, law enforcement, business, human development, or mental health and rehabilitation.

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