Popular Accredited BCBA Programs and Certification in Colorado [2024 ABA Degrees]

Last Updated: June 29, 2024

Considering a career path as a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) in Colorado can be both a rewarding and challenging experience. The Rocky Mountain state is not just known for its breathtaking vistas, but also for housing educational institutions offering robust BCBA programs. These programs can open doors to a fulfilling career where you can make tangible differences in individuals’ lives through behavioral analysis and intervention.

In the state of Colorado, BCBA programs are designed to offer you a deep understanding of applied behavior analysis, paving the way for you to become a skilled behavior analyst. In this article, we will explore some of the popular online and in-person BCBA programs available in Colorado, outlining key features and helping you in making an informed choice for your professional journey.

Best Accredited BCBA and ABA Masters Programs in Colorado Online

BCBA Programs in Colorado

Listed below are some of the popular schools offering BCBA programs in Colorado:

  • University of Northern Colorado
  • University of Colorado – Denver
  • University of Colorado – Colorado Springs
  • University of Cincinnati Online
  • University of Dayton
  • Simmons University
  • Arizona State University
  • Capella University

University of Northern Coloradoy

Applied Behavior Analysis Certificate

In today’s schools and communities, there is a noticeable presence of young individuals facing behavioral challenges. This scenario calls for experts equipped with the skills  to understand and manage these challenges efficiently.

If you are passionate about stepping in to fill this gap, you can start your journey by obtaining the Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) Graduate Certificate from the University of Northern Colorado.

The Association for Behavior Analysis International (ABAI) has verified the coursework requirements of this program for eligibility to take the Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) examination. Apart from completing this certificate, you will need to complete 1,500 hours of Supervised Independent Fieldwork to be eligible for the BCBA examination.

During this 21-credit online certificate, you will take the following courses:

  • Philosophical Underpinnings of Applied Behavior Analysis
  • Applied Behavior Analysis I
  • Applied Behavior Analysis II
  • Ethics in Applied Behavior Analysis
  • Applications of Applied Behavior Analysis
  • Concepts and Principles of Applied Behavior Analysis
  • Measurement and Experimental Design in Applied Behavior Analysis

The essentials you should know about this program:

Scope of work: As a future behavior analyst, you will work closely with children, diving deep into the underlying reasons behind their behavior issues, often rooted in developmental disabilities. Your role will include designing and implementing strategic interventions, and evaluating their results.

Flexibility: Tailored to fit your schedule perfectly, the online ABA Graduate Certificate program consists of seven courses that allow you to focus on one course at a time. The breakdown? Two courses each during the fall and spring in 8-week sessions, and a 6-week session in summer. In total, you will sail through three semesters and one summer session.

What you will learn: Your academic journey will immerse you in a rich blend of special education and school psychology subjects, enhancing your understanding and skill set in areas such as:

  • Foundations and concepts of ABA.
  • Measurement and experimental design.
  • Intervention designing, implementation, and evaluation.
  • Managing behavior change systems.
  • Upholding ethical standards.
  • Mastering management and supervision techniques.
  • Applying ABA principles throughout various stages of life, even in individuals with diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds.

Successfully finishing this program will bring you a step closer to sitting for the board examination to become a certified behavior analyst. The Behavior Analyst Certification Board (BACB) requires that BCBA applicants have earned at least a graduate degree in behavior analysis, education or psychology. If you have already earned a graduate degree in behavior analysis, education, or psychology, you may take this as a standalone certificate.

UNC will provide simulated exams and other student exam preparation tools for all students.

If you hold a bachelor’s degree from a recognized institution and have maintained a GPA of 3.00 or above, you meet the criteria to apply for this online graduate certificate.

University of Colorado – Denver

Graduate Certificate in Applied Behavior Analysis

Considering a career in helping children with different abilities? The University of Colorado Denver has a 21-credit online Graduate Certificate in Applied Behavior Analysis just for you. It’s a stepping stone for you to become a certified behavior analyst.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • The program offer seven online courses, each worth 3 credits. You can take them from the comfort of your home.
  • These courses are made to fit into your busy life and are taught by seasoned professionals.
  • With a rising need for experts in Applied Behavior Analysis, you will be in high demand. The goal? To tailor learning environments for children with special needs, focusing on their strengths.
  • By getting this certificate, you will be better equipped to assist those with unique learning and behavior challenges.
  • If you have already got a master’s degree, this is your chance to take your career up a notch. You will dive deeper into the science of ABA and refine your skills in assisting those with special needs.

What will you learn?

  • The right way to practice ABA, considering ethics and professionalism.
  • Techniques to observe and understand individual behaviors.
  • Methods to gather and analyze data, and the importance of using this data for decisions in ABA.
  • How to use proven methods to assist young children with autism.

The Association for Behavior Analysis International (ABAI) has verified the coursework requirements of this program for eligibility to take the BCBA examination. Some of the courses that you will take include:

  • Introduction to ABA and Terminology
  • ABA Data
  • Ethics and Implementation in ABA
  • ABA Advanced Data and Behavioral Plans and Applications
  • Autism in Early Intervention

You need to score at least a ‘C’ in every course and maintain an average grade of ‘B’ or higher to earn the certificate. If you are aiming for BCBA certification, you must have a graduate degree. And, you will have to arrange and finish your own supervised fieldwork experience.

University of Colorado – Colorado Springs

Inclusive Behavior Intervention Certificate Program

Are you eager to become a specialist in inclusive behavior intervention? The University of Colorado – Colorado Springs presents to you an opportunity through their 21-credit Inclusive Behavior Intervention Certificate Program.

Here’s what the program entails:

  • A Comprehensive Curriculum: Enroll in a structured program consisting of seven courses that add up to 21 credits, a pathway carefully designed to offer you profound knowledge in inclusive behavior intervention.
  • BCBA Eligibility: The program meets the foundational criteria required for eligibility to pursue certification as a BCBA. It lays down the groundwork for you to fulfill the additional prerequisites, which include independent practicum hours and succeeding in the BCBA examination.

Who should consider this program?

  • Educators: If you are a teacher aiming to broaden your understanding of inclusive behavior intervention strategies and behavior analytic principles, this certificate program not only empowers you with enhanced skills but also offers continuing education credits.
  • Aspiring Behavior Analysts: Whether you harbor ambitions to hold a master’s degree with a specialization in inclusive behavior intervention or you are on the journey to become a BCBA, this program stands as a milestone in achieving your goals.
  • Current Master’s Degree Holders: If you have already achieved a master’s degree and are eyeing the BCBA certification, here is your starting line.
  • BCaBA Professionals: For those currently serving as Board Certified assistant Behavior Analysts (BCaBA), this program  not only promises an upgrade to a Master of Arts Degree but also facilitates your progression towards obtaining the BCBA status.

Core coursework of the program focuses on:

  • Introduction to Applied Behavior Analysis
  • Designing Positive Classroom Environments
  • Applied Behavior Analysis Assessment and Intervention
  • Behavior Analytic Teaching
  • Advanced Applied Behavior Analysis
  • Applications and Skills in Applied Behavior Analysis
  • Ethics in Applied Behavior Analysis

Stepping into this program means opening doors to advanced knowledge and a host of opportunities in the specialized field of inclusive behavior intervention.

Admission requirements for this program include:

  • Bachelor’s degree from an accredited university.
  • GPA of 2.75 or better.
  • Three letters of reference.
  • Career goal statement.
  • Current resume.
  • Interview with a faculty advisor.
  • Students must either have a master’s degree or have taken the Intro to SPED class the summer prior, before beginning the BCBA cohort program.

University of Cincinnati Online

Master of Education in Foundations in Behavior Analysis

Explore the world of human behavior with the Master of Education in Applied Behavior Analysis offered by the University of Cincinnati Online. This program focuses on understanding human behavior, aiming to boost positive social interactions and uplift the lives of those diagnosed with conditions like autism spectrum disorder and other learning disabilities.

The University of Cincinnati Online has designed this program to be asynchronous. Every class is available 100% online, meaning there is no need to step into a classroom. With a part-time setup, you are given the flexibility to manage academic responsibilities alongside other commitments in your life.

This program aims to equip you with the essential tools to assist individuals with behavioral and learning obstacles. You will be prepared to offer support in various environments such as clinics, schools, homes, and residential facilities. This program emphasizes strategies tailored to aid individuals with intellectual or developmental disabilities, fostering their independence.

As a student pursuing an ABA master’s, you will be trained to mentor and teach those diagnosed with various conditions, including autism spectrum disorder, learning challenges, anxiety, mood disorders, eating disorders, and even substance abuse. Additionally, the program offers techniques to boost academic performance, manage behaviors at home, and enhance work efficiency.

Some of the courses that you will take include:

  • Applied Behavior Analysis I: In this course, you will explore the world of behavior analysis, focusing on its philosophy, core concepts, and principles, especially in applied settings.
  • Ethics for Behavioral Practice and Research: In this course, you will navigate the legalities, regulations, ethical standards, and practical implications for professionals like school psychologists and BCBAs.
  • Behavioral Supervision and Management: With behavior analysis gaining traction, this course emphasizes top-notch supervision techniques in line with the Behavior Analyst Certification Board’s fifth task list.
  • Child Development: In this course, you will learn about the stages of child development, connecting theoretical knowledge with real-world applications for a holistic understanding of child growth.
  • Frameworks for Disabilities and Disorders in Childhood: Here, you will understand child development intricacies, especially concerning disabilities, developmental disorders, and individual differences, all while emphasizing evidence-based interventions in school settings.

Admission requirements for this program include:

  • Bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited university.
  • Minimum 3.0 GPA (on a 4.0).
  • Resume or CV.
  • Official transcripts.
  • Goal Statement.
  • Two Letters of Reference.

How Do I Become a BCBA in Colorado?

To become a BCBA in Colorado, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Earn a graduate-level ABA degree.
  • Complete supervised field experience.
  • Pass the BCBA examination.

The BCBA exam is administered by Pearson VUE. You can take the exam at one of the Pearson VUE testing sites throughout the U.S. In Colorado VUE has testing sites in Colorado Springs, Greeley, Pueblo, Fort Collins, Aurora, Littleton, and Denver.

What is the Average Pay for a BCBA in Colorado?

As of September 2023, the average annual salary for a BCBA in Colorado is $77,498. More experienced and top earning BCBAs working in Colorado make over $140,000 per year.

The average annual salary for BCBAs working in cities such as Littleton, Denver, and Fort Collins is $91,529, $88,693, and $84,970, respectively.

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