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A psychiatry degree allows a person to gain in-depth knowledge and ability to study mental disorders that affect perceptual, behavioral as well as cognitive abilities in a human. Psychiatrists are able to asses a person initially with mental examination and the development of a case history. Neuropsychological techniques as neuro-imaging are applied by psychiatrists. Treatment is conducted by psychiatrists through psychotherapy and psychoactive medication. This includes various forms of medication of psychotropic nature and counseling.

Psychiatrists take on a grave responsibility to ensure the mental health of all the individuals that comprise of the society where they perform their profession is stabled and healthy. Psychiatry takes the responsibility to accurately diagnose and treat disorders of the mind. There is no room for error in psychiatry as it can possibly have dire effects for the patient and those affiliated with the patient.

Types of Degrees

This field requires that potential psychiatrists to initially complete a four year psychology or general physician’s degree. At this stage students interested in psychiatry enroll in optional courses related to psychiatry as clinical rotation in psychiatry. To qualify as a psychiatrist, a student must complete a psychiatric residency that requires four years additional clinical training normally in a hospital setting. During the time period in a physician’s residency a student will gain invaluable insight in crises evaluation as well as in and out patient management modes. Psychiatric residents are obliged to attend seminars related to psychotherapy, psychological assessment and professional ethics in psychiatry. Psychiatrists may have to gain the same licenses as surgeons and physicians as there is no separate certification for psychiatrists. Board certification can be received by psychiatrists but it is not compulsory.

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Psychiatrists after their residency do attend psychoanalytical institutes in which they study and apply psychoanalytic and psychodynamic orientations. Psychiatrists are the only individuals qualified to prescribe psychotropic medication of any nature or form.

Career Opportunities

Addiction psychiatrists take on the responsibility of rehabilitating individuals with substance abuse issues. Addiction psychiatry can include impulse control disorders related to sex, eating, and gambling as well as drug dependency. In child and adolescent psychiatry psychiatrists diagnose, treat and prevent mental disorders of a psychopathological nature. Patients are not treated alone but their families and other interactions are compiled as well.

Forensic psychiatry is in part a contribution to the criminal justice system. This form of psychiatry is an interface between law and psychology behind the nature of intent. Forensic psychiatrists determine whether an individual is competent to stand for trial and other such matters of legality.


Since psychiatrists are categorized as physicians and surgeons by the Bureau of Labor and Statistic they are recorded to have earned $166,400 year as the median pay. The demand for psychiatrists is likely to consistently increase till 2020. If a person is interested in learning more about psychiatry then they should enroll in some basic psychiatric courses available through online degrees.

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