Accredited Industrial and Organizational Psychology Programs in Alabama [2024]

Alabama is known for many things: southern hospitality, quaint small towns, and being the birthplace of the Civil Rights movement. But Alabama is also home to a large space industry, biotech firms, and more colleges and universities than you might think.

In fact, Alabama has a diverse collection of post-secondary schools that range from small community colleges to the state’s most famous schools, Auburn University and the University of Alabama.

Many of the state’s universities have robust psychology programs, and some even offer specialties in industrial organizational (I-O) psychology.

Industrial and Organizational Psychology Programs in Alabama

Listed below are some of the popular schools offering industrial-organizational psychology programs in Alabama:

  • University of South Alabama
  • Faulkner University
  • Grand Canyon University
  • University of Alabama in Huntsville (UAH)
  • Capella University
  • Auburn University
  • Purdue Global

University of South Alabama

The University of South Alabama was founded in 1963 to expand educational opportunities to Alabama residents. Over the years, the school has grown significantly and includes nearly 14,000 students and over 800 faculty members. Though it’s a decent-sized school, you don’t have to worry about getting lost in large classes. The university boasts a small student-to-teacher ratio of just 17-to-1.

If you decide to join the University of South Alabama student body, you can choose from hundreds of programs of study. With ten colleges and schools that include allied health, business, nursing, and arts and sciences, you can find a degree program that fits your specific goals. This includes the minor in industrial organizational psychology discussed below.

Industrial Organizational Psychology Program Information

The Minor in Industrial Organizational Psychology from the University of South Alabama is ideal for getting your feet wet in this field. You will take various introductory courses that help you understand how psychological research and interventions can be used to improve workplace relations and productivity.

You must complete 18 credits to earn the minor. This includes required courses like:

  • Introduction to Psychology
  • Research Design and Analysis
  • Organizational Communication

You will supplement these studies with elective courses in psychology and management. Some of the courses you can take to fulfill these requirements include Social Psychology, Psychology of Personality, and Human Resource Management.

At least nine of the 18 required credits must be earned at the University of South Alabama to qualify for this minor. You must also be an enrolled student at South Alabama to earn this minor.

To apply to South Alabama as a first-year student, you must complete the Common Application and submit your high school transcripts. If your high school GPA is 3.4 or above, you will gain automatic admission to the school. If your GPA falls below this mark, you might be asked to supply additional documentation to support your application.

Faulkner University

Faulkner University is a private Christian school in Montgomery. It was founded in 1942 as Montgomery Bible College. However, over the years, the school has grown into a comprehensive university with more than 3,000 students. In addition to the main campus in Montgomery, Faulkner University has campuses in Birmingham, Huntsville, and Mobile.

Though it’s a small school, Faulkner has many academic programs available. In fact, there are more than 85 undergraduate degree options, 15 graduate degrees, and more than two dozen online degrees. No matter your level of study, you can enjoy extremely small class sizes that average 10 to 15 students. There are more than 30 student organizations on campus for you to enjoy as well.

Industrial Organizational Psychology Program Information

Faulkner University’s Bachelor of Science in Industrial Organizational Psychology was designed to prepare you for entry-level work in I-O psychology or for continuing your education in a master’s degree program. Over the course of four years, you will gain the needed knowledge and skills to improve the functioning of all types of businesses and organizations.

This 121-credit program includes a core block of classes in I-O psychology. You will take courses like:

  • Industrial-Organizational Psychology
  • Life-roles and Career Development
  • Theories of Human System Dynamics
  • Performance Management and Appraisal
  • Introduction to Counseling

The curriculum also includes general math, science, and Christian literacy studies. You will take 18 credits of free electives to reach the 121-credit graduation threshold as well.

Upon graduation, you can pursue many different jobs. Government agencies, consulting firms, and businesses and industries often employ bachelor’s-level workers. These jobs are often highly competitive, though. You will need an impressive academic resume to stand out from the crowd.

Faulkner University makes it easy to apply. Simply fill out the university’s online application to start the process. Regular admission requires that you have a high school GPA of 2.75 or higher or satisfactory scores on English and math sub-tests on the ACT or SAT.

University of Alabama in Huntsville (UAH)

The University of Alabama in Huntsville is a public university that belongs to the University of Alabama system. UAH has an enrollment of fewer than 10,000 students, meaning its campus is smaller (less than 500 acres), and class sizes are smaller as well. In fact, the average graduate class at UAH has just 12 students. The overall student-to-teacher ratio is 18-to-1.

UAH offers a comprehensive academic experience with more than 100 areas of study currently available. You will study with a diverse group, too – UAH has students from 49 states and 48 countries. When you aren’t in class, you can enjoy more than 150 organizations, clubs, and sports groups where you can meet new people and enjoy campus life.

Industrial Organizational Psychology Program Information

The Master of Arts program in Industrial Organizational Psychology from UAH is a sub-specialty of the experimental psychology degree. With a focus on research and experimental design, you will have a unique skill set you can draw upon in your employment as an industrial organizational psychologist.

There are two options for completing the degree requirements – a thesis and a non-thesis track. The thesis track requires 30 credits to graduate, while the non-thesis track requires 33 credits. Both tracks have some coursework in common, including:

  • Industrial and Organizational Psychology
  • Psychometrics
  • Experimental Design
  • Statistics for Experimental Methods
  • Professional Development in Research and Teaching

If you choose the thesis track, you will complete a six-credit thesis component during which you conduct research, prepare your thesis, and defend it to a faculty committee.

The non-thesis track includes a six-credit supervised research component during which you participate in lab-based or applied research on a topic approved by a psychology faculty member.

While this program is intended to prepare you for a doctoral program in I-O psychology, you will have the skills to pursue master’s-level employment. This might include a career in psychological research, technical writing, or psychometrics, to name a few possibilities.

The application process begins by submitting a graduate application for admission. You must also submit transcripts from each college or university you have attended. In some cases, you might also be asked to provide the following:

  • Letters of recommendation
  • A writing sample
  • A personal statement
  • A resume or curriculum vitae
  • Applicable test scores

Auburn University

Auburn University has a long and winding history. Initially founded in 1856 as the East Alabama Male College, the school was renamed in 1872 as the Agricultural and Mechanical College of Alabama. In 1899, the school’s name changed again, this time to the Alabama Polytechnic Institute. It wasn’t until 1960 that the name Auburn University was adopted.

Today, the university is a large, public, co-ed institution with academic offerings at the undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral levels. There are more than 31,000 students, of which more than 5,500 are pursuing a graduate degree.

Auburn has 15 schools and colleges, where dedicated faculty use their expertise in their fields to help students like you develop the knowledge you need to enter the workforce.

Industrial Organizational Psychology Program Information

Auburn’s Ph.D. in Industrial Organizational Psychology is a research-based program that emphasizes the importance of studying the science of psychology. Once accepted, you will work closely with one or more members of the Department of Psychology’s faculty to develop a research-based master’s thesis, which you earn as part of your doctoral studies.

Additionally, you must pass a general exam before moving to the program’s doctoral phase. Once your doctoral studies commence, you’ll take classes like:

  • Theories of Personality
  • Cognitive Psychology
  • Applied Psychometric Principles
  • Applied Psychometric Principles
  • Decision-Making in the Workplace and Organizations

The final component of this five-year program is a doctoral dissertation. The dissertation requires advanced research and study in a specific area of I-O psychology. Your research must be presented in a dissertation defense to a faculty committee.

If you aren’t interested in getting a Ph.D., Auburn also has a Master of Science in I-O psychology. This non-thesis program requires just 30 credits and two years of coursework to graduate.

The application requirements for these programs are relatively detailed. In addition to submitting a graduate application for admission, you must also provide the following:

  • A statement of intent
  • A diversity statement
  • A biographical and educational background
  • A resume or curriculum vitae
  • A list of psychology courses you’ve taken
  • Three letters of recommendation

I-O Psychology Work Opportunities in Alabama

The unique makeup of Alabama’s economy means there are equally unique opportunities for you as an industrial-organizational psychologist.

For example, you might work in the aerospace industry as a consultant who helps companies improve worker productivity. Likewise, you might work in the industrial sector, where you train managers and executives in methods for training and onboarding new employees.

Other I-O psychology career opportunities exist in local and state governments, where you might advise politicians on topics related to business, human resources, and managing human capital. Of course, you can also pursue an academic career, perhaps even one day teaching at the Alabama school where you got your I-O psychology degree.

Whether you work in one of Alabama’s big cities, small towns, major industries, or work for yourself, you will find that your degree in I-O psychology prepares you well to have a positive impact on the businesses and organizations in your area.

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