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Last Updated: May 29, 2024

South Carolina’s online psychology bachelor’s degrees are designed especially for dreamers like you. Dive deep into the vast ocean of the human mind, all from the comfort of your chosen setting – whether that’s a serene beach, a bustling cafe, or the cozy nook of your home.

These online programs don’t just provide knowledge, they offer freedom. Freedom to engage with seasoned professors who guide you through the intricate pathways of human behavior. Freedom to decide when and where you want to learn. And most importantly, freedom to balance life while you shape your future in psychology.

best accredoted online bachelors degrees in psychology South Carolina

Online Psychology Bachelor’s Degrees in South Carolina

Listed below are some of the popular schools offering online psychology bachelor’s degrees in South Carolina:

  • Columbia College
  • Southern New Hampshire University
  • Charleston Southern University
  • University of South Carolina – Beaufort
  • Limestone University
  • Liberty University
  • Arizona State University Online
  • Purdue Global

Columbia College

Online Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Psychology

At Columbia College, you have the opportunity to enroll in a 120-credit online Bachelor of Arts in Psychology program. In this program, you will get to grasp the basics of psychological research and learn how to assess and use the results of these studies. You will also get insights into human behavior from various angles like abnormal, social, developmental, thinking processes, and biological viewpoints.

Main highlights of the program include:

  • Students have shared their work in big meetings and joined challenging summer programs. You can also join the college’s Psychology club and a special Psychology group called Psi Chi.
  • You can get real experience in the Psychology lab, like using lie detectors and watching how faces move in response to pictures.
  • You will learn skills to communicate better, understand different personalities, and basic counseling tricks that will give you an edge in your job.
  • You can join an internship to get real-world experience and school credits, which is great for further studies or job applications.
  • Past students have moved on to advanced studies in areas like crime psychology, mental health counseling, and school counseling.

This undergraduate psychology program aims to help you:

  • Think deeply about psychological topics.
  • Check out and use psychological studies.
  • Grasp why people are different and what comes out of these differences.

Throughout the program, you will:

  • Get to know and use the main ideas in psychology.
  • Use basic math skills to understand behavior data.
  • Look carefully at psychological studies.

Besides, the degree will give you a broad look at psychology and is based on a mix of general science, applied science, how humans relate to one another, how they grow, research techniques, and writing skills. Once you finish the program, you will be set with the knowledge to start basic jobs in the psychology world, like helping in mental health settings or managing cases.

Apart from the core courses, you will need to earn 15 credit hours from the following:

  1. Lifespan Development: Explore how people grow physically, socially, emotionally, and mentally from childhood to adulthood.
  2. Psychological Disorders: Look at well-known psychological problems and mental illnesses, focusing on how they’re identified and treated.
  3. Learning, Cognition, and Memory: Understand how we learn, with a focus on different learning styles, and how this connects to memory and thinking.
  4. Social Psychology: Learn about the big ideas in psychology that help us understand human connections and actions.
  5. Psychology of Personality: Dive into the main ideas about why personalities are different.
  6. Biological Psychology: Understand how our brain and nerves affect our actions.

By the end of the program, you will be able to:

  • Use psychology ideas and tests in everyday life.
  • Review psychology articles and understand their strengths and limitations.
  • Think about ethics and different cultures in the world of psychology.
  • Combine your own views with psychology ideas in your writings.

Charleston Southern University

Online Bachelor of Science (BS) in Psychology

At Charleston Southern University, you can dive into the online Bachelor of Science in psychology, which lays out a broad groundwork for every branch of psychology. Plus, you get chances for internships and hands-on research. Charleston has teamed up with various local groups, so you can intern at places like the Callen-Lacy Center for Children, the local Juvenile Justice Department, Eagle Harbor Boys Home, and many more. Want to dive deep into research? At Charleston, you can team up with the faculty, get into their research projects, and even churn out your own studies and articles.

For this major, you will need to complete 44 hours, which includes the basic Psychology 110 from the Liberal Arts Core, and you will also need a minor.

During the program, you will study topics like:

  • How people grow and change
  • Brain studies
  • Memory tricks
  • Feelings
  • How we sense and see the world
  • Friendships and other bonds
  • When people’s minds act out of the norm

Your classes will also touch on the history of psychology, how to write for social sciences, math research methods, and how all the parts of psychology fit together.

Core psychology courses of the program include:

  • General Psychology: A starter guide to how people think and act. You will need to score a “C” or better to graduate.
  • Critical Thinking and Writing in Psychology: Learn how to write scientifically about psychology, especially checking out studies and reporting on them. You will also polish your skills in the APA writing style.
  • Introduction to Psychopathology (Abnormal): Explore major behavioral issues in adults, including causes, symptoms, and fixes.
  • Introduction to Behavioral Statistics: Get a handle on how to check out data related to how people act.
  • Introduction to Behavioral Statistics Lab: A must-do for students like you, where you will learn to research and analyze data with SPSS.
  • Research Methods in Psychology: A starter’s guide to how we study people’s behavior.
  • History and Systems of Psychology: A flashback to psychology’s past, from its early days to now.

On top of these, you will need to pick up an extra 6 credit hours in psychology. You can pick from development, social, or personality psychology groups.

With a grasp of how people think, feel, and socialize, you are set to help people and groups to tackle issues in various areas. Just think about it: psychology is the key in places like ads, schools, sports coaching, community work, studying markets, helping with addiction, mental health chats, and even getting donations.

University of South Carolina – Beaufort

Online Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Psychology

At the University of South Carolina – Beaufort (USCB), you have two options to obtain a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. First, you can enroll in on-campus classes at the Bluffton campus. But if you are the type who’s always on the go and prefer learning at your own terms, there’s a 100% online option! Whichever way you choose, you will team up with the same faculty on all sorts of projects, diving deep into real-life research and helping out in the community.

During your online bachelor’s program at USCB, you will explore various topics from understanding how society affects the mind, to how people grow and change, to how we can help those struggling mentally. Plus, there are extra courses you can pick like the feel-good studies in positive psychology, diving into why we love the way we do with human sexual behavior, or even understanding the mind of an athlete with sports psychology. And that’s just scratching the surface!

Some of the core courses that you will take include:

  • Research Methods in Psychology
  • Learning and Memory
  • Life Span Developmental Psychology
  • Abnormal Psychology
  • Personality Theory
  • Advanced Research Methods in Psychology
  • Biological Psychology
  • Social Psychology

To get some real-world practice, you can jump into internships. This is your chance to take what you learned in class and use it in clinics or community spots. And with these internships, you will get to pick learning goals that matter to you. Make friends with potential bosses in the future, learn must-have skills, and get a few golden references to show off when you graduate. Just a heads up: these internships are usually for the experience, not the cash.

If you want to dive deep into research, the USCB LEAD Psychology Lab is where you can design up your own research questions about early emotional growth. You can team up with the community, collect data, and demonstrate what you find.

And if you are into social studies and global connections, the USCB Social & Cultural Psychology Lab is your playground. You will dive into research, get a chance to publish your work or present at big events, and learn stuff like writing professional articles and networking with experts all over the world.

Limestone University

Online Bachelor of Science (BS) in Psychology

Limestone University offers you the opportunity to pursue an online bachelor’s degree in psychology. Their online program provide the same quality and structure as those you would find on their physical campus. Through the Canvas online platform, you have access to all your study materials, including lectures, assignments, and exams.

At Limestone University, the online courses have a flexible schedule. This means you don’t have a set time to log in. However, your teachers and mentors hold virtual “office hours” when you can connect with them. Plus, the structure allows you to concentrate on two subjects over a span of eight weeks.

Choosing this major will introduce you to the vast world of psychology. You will dive into understanding the science behind how the mind works, the patterns of individual and group behaviors, the factors from our surroundings that influence behavior, and ways to address and treat behavioral issues. This study area emphasizes exploring different ideas and keeping up with recent studies and approaches.

The program aims to teach you the core principles and techniques of psychology. It prepares you for advanced studies and diverse career options, from medicine and law to business, teaching, human resources, and more. If you’re considering specialization, there are several areas in psychology that recommend getting certified by the American Board of Professional Psychology.

Limestone’s online psychology program has a clear goal: they want you to have a solid understanding of psychology. If you major or minor in Psychology, by the end of your studies, you should be able to:

  • Point out key topics in psychology.
  • Discuss the ethical guidelines.
  • Appreciate the differences and richness of cultures and societies.
  • Use research methods effectively.
  • List the different branches of practical psychology.
  • Follow the growth of psychology both as a science and a career.
  • Contrast the main ideas and leading thoughts in psychology.
  • Explain both the physical and mental aspects of human actions.

The online degree is open for enrollment all year round. To make it easier for everyone, there are six start dates for courses throughout the school year. If you have taken courses at other accredited schools, you can transfer those credits, which could give you a jump-start on your degree.

If you are looking to start a bachelor’s program at Limestone University, here’s what you need to do:

  • Make sure you have a valid high school diploma or its GED counterpart.
  • Fill out their online Application for Admission.
  • Send in your official high school transcripts, as well as any from colleges or universities you have been to.
  • If you are below 21 or not in the military, you will need to provide your SAT or ACT scores.

Liberty University

Online Bachelor of Science in Psychology – Developmental Psychology

If you are considering a career in child psychology or want to broaden your knowledge in the field, Liberty University’s 120-credit online bachelor’s degree in developmental psychology can guide you towards success. This program is ideal for starting your undergraduate education to become a child psychologist.

If you are already working in child psychology and wish to further your education, this program offers fresh perspectives on developmental psychology. The undergraduate psychology program focused on child development aims to shape you into an ethical and value-driven individual.

Liberty University has been a pioneer in distance learning since 1985 and is dedicated to providing quality education that meets students’ needs through an accredited online degree program.

Throughout the program, you will gain a deep understanding of how psychological and environmental factors influence child development. After completing your online BS degree, you will be ready to further your education or advance your career.

What Degree You Need to Become a Licensed Psychologist in South Carolina?

To become a licensed psychologist in South Carolina, you will generally need to obtain a doctoral degree in psychology (Ph.D. or Psy.D.) from an accredited institution. The program should be accredited by the American Psychological Association (APA) or a similar recognized accrediting body.

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