70+ Different Types of Psychologists and Salaries – Guide to Psychology Careers

Psychology is a vast and dynamic field that delves into understanding human behavior, cognition, and emotions. As our comprehension of the human mind continues to evolve, various specializations have emerged to cater to the diverse needs of individuals and communities.

Here you can explore the different types of psychologists who dedicate their expertise to various aspects of mental health, research, and education. From clinical psychologists working in therapeutic settings to forensic psychologists tackling legal matters, these professionals play a crucial role in fostering mental well-being and informing policies that impact our lives.

Types of Psychologists

Aviation PsychologistAdolescent PsychologistAdvertising PsychologistAnalytical PsychologistAnimal & Pet PsychologistBehavioral PsychologistBehavioral Disorder CounselorBiological PsychologistBusiness PsychologistChild Abuse CounselorChild Life SpecialistChild PsychologistClinical PsychologistCriminal PsychologistCross-Cultural PsychologistCognitive PsychologistCommunity PsychologistConsumer PsychologistConsulting TherapistCorrectional PsychologistCounseling PsychologistCultural PsychologistCyberpsychologistDesign PsychologistDevelopmental PsychologistDisability Case ManagerDomestic Violence CounselorEating Disorder PsychologistEcological PsychologistEducational PsychologistElementary School Psychologist

Engineering PsychologistEnvironmental PsychologistEvolutionary PsychologistExperimental PsychologistExistential PsychologistFamily PsychologistForensic PsychologistGeneral PsychologistGenetic PsychologistGeriatric PsychologistHealth PsychologistHuman Factors PsychologistIndustrial-Organizational PsychologistInvestigative PsychologistLegal PsychologistMathematical PsychologistMarketing PsychologistMarket Research AnalystMarine PsychologistMarriage Therapist (MFT)Media PsychologistMedical PsychologistMental Health PsychologistMilitary PsychologistNeuropsychologistNeurological PsychologistNutritional PsychologistOccupational PsychologistOccupational Health PsychologistOperational Psychologist

Pain PsychologistPediatric PsychologistPersonality PsychologistPerformance PsychologistPhysiological PsychologistPolitical PsychologistPositive PsychologistPrison PsychologistPrivate PsychologistPsychotherapistPsychiatric AidePsychiatric Social WorkerPsychiatric TechnicianPublic Health PsychologistQuantitative PsychologistRecreational TherapistRelationship PsychologistResearch PsychologistRehabilation PsychologistSchool PsychologistSocial PsychologistSocio-cultural PsychologistSpecial Education CounselorSports PsychologistSubstance Abuse CounselorTheoretical PsychologistTraffic PsychologistTrial ConsultantTrauma PsychologistVocational PsychologistYouth Psychologist

Each type of psychologist that we have explored has a vital part in promoting mental health, contributing to research, and influencing policies that form our society. As our grasp of human thoughts and actions expands, the significance of these experts remains crucial.

Psychology is a diverse field that includes numerous specializations to address the distinct needs of individuals and communities. These different types of career paths allow aspiring psychologists to create a substantial and enduring influence in their preferred specialization.

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