Popular Accredited Online Master’s Programs in Psychology in New York [2024 Guide]

Are you feeling overwhelmed by the thought of advancing your career in psychology but can’t seem to find the time to pursue a traditional master’s degree? Picture yourself earning an online master’s in psychology in New York, the epicenter of diversity and innovation.

With the rise in demand for psychologists in New York and the busy lives of working professionals, finding a flexible and convenient way to earn a master’s degree is crucial.

That’s where online master’s degrees in psychology come into play. Online programs allow you to balance work and personal life while gaining the skills and knowledge necessary to excel in the field of psychology.

Online Master’s in Psychology in New York

Listed below are some of the popular schools offering online master’s in psychology in New York:

  • City University of New York
  • Capella University
  • Medaille College
  • NYU Steinhardt
  • Mercy College
  • The College of Saint Rose
  • Monroe College

City University of New York

Online Master of Arts in Psychology

With the 36-credit online MA in Psychology program from the City University of New York (CUNY), you will be prepared for careers and advanced studies that require a deep understanding of psychology, as well as excellent research, communication, and teamwork skills. This unique program is the first and only of its kind at CUNY and lets you learn on a flexible schedule from anywhere.

You can choose one of two focus areas:

  1. Industrial/Organizational Psychology: Explore how people behave in the workplace and organizations, focusing on hiring, training, performance management, work quality, and organizational growth.
  2. Developmental Psychology: Investigate how humans develop throughout their entire lives, from infancy to adulthood.

In this program, you will:

  • Learn core ideas, theories, and applications in three out of these five areas: learning and cognition, biological foundations of behavior, social behavior, personality theories, and psychopathology.
  • Gain deep knowledge of either Industrial/Organizational Psychology or Developmental Psychology.
  • Master all aspects of psychological research, including:
    • Finding and critically evaluating information related to specific research questions
    • Creating testable research hypotheses and corresponding research designs
    • Collecting data while adhering to professional practices, standards, and requirements
    • Analyzing data and presenting results using suitable statistical methods and software
  • Recognize and apply ethical standards in human and animal research.
  • Express values and act respectfully towards cultural differences and diversity on local, national, and global levels.

During the program, you will be required to take at least 3 core courses from the following:

  • Cognitive Psychology and Learning
  • Social Behavior
  • Biological Foundations of Behavior
  • Psychopathology
  • Theories of Personality

To apply, you must have a bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution, with a GPA of 3.0 or higher on a 4.0 scale. You will need to write a personal statement, submit a resume, and provide two recommendation letters. You can submit recommendation letters either before or after sending in your application.

Medaille College

Online Psychology Master’s Degree (M.A.)

At Medaille College, the master’s program in psychology offers you the opportunity to explore different areas of psychology while gaining in-depth knowledge in each core field of study.

Your coursework will include subjects like the evolution of human behavior, the biological factors behind actions, cognitive processes, human development stages, and mental health challenges. These concepts will strengthen your grasp of psychology’s theories and scientific basis while improving your writing, critical thinking, and analytical abilities, all of which are essential for a thriving career in psychology or pursuing a doctoral degree.

During the program, you will also learn more about psychology’s science and practice, exploring several psychology sub-fields. You will receive advanced training in core study areas such as clinical psychology, behavioral neuroscience, social psychology, and cognitive psychology.

Medaille University’s MA in Psychology requires 36 credits of study. Along with the coursework, you must also successfully complete 12 elective credits and either a thesis (6 credits) or an internship (6 credits) to obtain your degree. You have the option to enroll in a blended (online and on-campus) or a fully online program.

The program offers many options for electives, such as:

  • Evolutionary Psycholog
  • Psychometrics
  • Physiological Psychology
  • Professional, Ethical & Legal Issues in Counseling
  • Grief, Trauma and Crisis Counseling and Therapy
  • Career Development
  • Family Counseling and Therapy

The program also offers an optional concentration in Sport Psychology, which provides advanced coursework for those who want to pursue a career in sport psychology and coaching. This concentration focuses on fundamental principles in sport psychology and psychological aspects of rehabilitation, coaching, and performance. The advanced study will also benefit if you are planning to become a sport psychologist.

The online MA program consists of a mix of 7-week and 15-week online courses. You will usually take 12 credits per semester, but you can choose a half-time plan by taking 6 credits per semester. During the summer, you will take two consecutive 6-week courses and register for either Thesis Guidance or Internship.

To be eligible for graduation, you must:

  • Achieve a minimum 3.0 cumulative GPA within your academic program.
  • Have no current grades of F or U.

NYU Steinhardt

Online Master of Arts (MA) in School Counseling

The online Master of Arts in School Counseling at NYU Steinhardt prepares you to become a school counselor in New York and other states. Upon completing the program, you will be able to:

  • Develop school programs that support the wellbeing of students, families, and communities.
  • Support the social, cultural, and academic growth of pre-K-12 students.
  • Create strategies that encourage cultural inclusivity.
  • Build relationships to help close achievement and opportunity gaps.

The program also offers an optional concentration in bilingual school counseling, where you will focus on bilingual and multicultural theories and learn to tackle challenges faced by students learning English as a second language. You will develop and apply solutions to common difficulties experienced by pre-K-12 students who speak English as a second language.

As a graduate of this online master’s program, you will be ready to work with students, teachers, administrators, and parents in pre-K-12 schools. Your duties may involve offering individual and group counseling support, creating curricula, and collaborating with teachers, school administrators, and parents to ensure students’ academic success and healthy emotional development.

This program will also prepare you to meet the State of New York’s requirements for graduate coursework for Initial and Professional school counselor certification. The required 60-63 credit hours can be completed through the online Dual Degree Master’s program (48-51 credits) and an Advanced Certificate in School Counseling (additional 12 credits).

The online Master of Arts in School Counseling program consists of 48-51 credits needed for Initial school counselor certification in New York. To obtain Professional school counselor certification in the State of New York, you must complete an extra 12 credits. You can choose to finish these 12 credits while earning your MA degree, but you are not required to complete them at the same institution that grants your MA degree.

Depending on when you begin, you could earn your online master’s degree in school counseling in as few as five terms. Additionally, GRE scores are not required for admission to this program.

Mercy College

Online Master of Science (MS) in Psychology

At Mercy College, you can enroll in the 36-credit MS Psychology Program, which you can complete in just two academic years. During the program, you will explore various aspects of psychology through theory, research, and field experience, with courses available in face-to-face, online, and hybrid formats. This flexibility allows you to choose classes that fit your busy schedule.

Students typically enroll in this program for two main reasons. First, they want to advance their careers with their current employer, as many companies encourage employees to earn a master’s degree and even offer incentives. Second, students aim to deepen their knowledge and experience to create a competitive resume for future academic endeavors beyond a master’s degree.

A key feature of the program is a yearlong research project. You will start by conducting a literature review and designing a research study, which you will need to get approved by the Institutional Review Board. Then, you will implement your project by recruiting participants, gathering and analyzing data, and writing a final report.

You will also complete a practicum requirement that allows you to apply your skills in real-world situations, such as field settings, teaching, or research.

After graduating, you will have various professional opportunities, including:

  • Research assistant
  • Nonprofit program director
  • Mental health technician or worker
  • Case manager in human services and substance use settings
  • Adjunct college instructor

If you are interested in pursuing a PhD in psychology, the MS Psychology Program can serve as a steppingstone. You will have numerous opportunities to strengthen your doctoral application, such as engaging in research with full-time faculty, gaining mentorship in teaching college courses, and applying your skills in field settings.

There’s also a unique Four-Plus-One option for qualified psychology undergraduates who want to fast-track their master’s degree. If you meet the admission criteria, which includes a 3.0 GPA, a grade of B or better in a statistics course, and completion of 90 undergraduate credits, you can apply during your junior year.

If accepted, you will take three graduate credits each semester of your senior year (totaling six credits), which will count toward both your undergraduate and graduate degrees. After finishing your bachelor’s degree, you will be able to complete your master’s in just one year of full-time enrollment.

To apply for the program, you will need:

  • A bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university with a 3.0 or higher GPA (provisional acceptance may be possible for lower GPAs)
  • Completion of at least 12 credits in psychology and a statistics course with a grade of B or higher
  • Two detailed recommendation letters from instructors in your major or professional contacts (one must be from a professor)
  • An up-to-date resume
  • A 2-3 page personal statement

The College of Saint Rose

Master of Science in Education (MSED) – Educational Psychology

Saint Rose is the only school in New York State that offers a fully online Master of Science in Educational Psychology. You can finish this program in less than 18 months.

This flexible, 30-credit program gives you a strong foundation in how cognitive processes and human development affect individuals throughout their lives in various learning and educational situations.

The MSED in Educational Psychology at Saint Rose is designed for two types of students: teachers with initial certification in New York State who want a convenient, compact master’s degree to get their professional certification, and those who don’t need certification but want to work as educational psychologists, researchers, or improve their skills in other ways.

With this program, you will learn how to inspire your students, strengthen your classroom management abilities, address social-emotional issues, and help schools and districts create and improve their educational programs or conduct research in educational psychology.

This program serves as a professional teacher certification pathway in New York State and is also suitable for people with non-education backgrounds. The online graduate degree program is designed to meet the needs of various graduate students, like teachers, administrators, and career changers, no matter where they live.

You have the option to mix your courses – online and on-campus – to best suit your schedule and learning preferences. The program’s mission statement and objectives are the same for both online and on-campus students, and you will work with the same esteemed Saint Rose professors.

If you are a full-time student, you can complete the program in less than 18 months (three semesters). Part-time students can finish the program in under two years.

During the program, you will take various core courses, including:

  • Educational Research
  • Child Psychology & Development
  • Adolescent Psychology & Development
  • Theories of Learning
  • Psychology of Diversity

How Much Does a Licensed Psychologist Earn in NYC?

As of January 2024, the average salary for a licensed psychologist in NYC is $152,300 per year. Top earning licensed psychologists make well over $300,000 per year in New York City.

Are Psychologists in Demand in NYC?

In New York City, there is a considerable need for psychologists. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics highlights a positive outlook for these professionals in the region, with job prospects set to rise by 10% from 2022 to 2032.

This growth rate indicates an increasing demand for skilled professionals in the field of psychology, making it a desirable career in NYC.

Several aspects contribute to the growing need for psychologists, such as greater recognition of mental health issues, an expanding population in NYC, and the requirement for psychological assistance in diverse environments like educational establishments, companies, and healthcare facilities.

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