Popular Accredited Online Psychology Master’s Programs in Georgia [Updated for 2024]

Are you considering a career advancement in psychology and currently residing in Georgia? An online master’s degree in psychology might be the perfect choice for you.

In this article, we will explore various online psychology master’s programs offered by some of the popular universities in Georgia, discussing their unique aspects, courses, and advantages.

Opting for an online degree provides the flexibility to balance your existing responsibilities while working towards a promising future in psychology.

Georgia Online Psychology Master’s Degrees

Listed below are some of the popular schools offering online master’s in psychology in Georgia:

  • Purdue Global
  • Arizona State University Online
  • Capella University
  • Southern New Hampshire University
  • Grand Canyon University
  • Walden University
  • University of Georgia

Purdue Global

Online Master in Science in Psychology – Applied Behavior Analysis

In the online ABA Master’s program, you will learn about how people behave and how to use this knowledge to help them. You will study ways to measure behavior, make changes, and see if those changes work, using science and research in your work. You will also learn how to be ethical and manage others.

You will need to spend 15 hours each week studying, with each part lasting 10 weeks. If you study full-time, you can finish the course in about 1.5 years, and you will need to earn 45 credits.

When you finish, you will be ready for the Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) exam, which checks your understanding of behavior analysis. The course has lessons to prepare you for this test. The ABA Master’s program course sequence has been accredited by the Association for Behavior Analysis International (ABAI). The program ends with a capstone project, which features a BCBA certification preparation exam.

You can also choose to get real-life experience through an optional fieldwork course. You will find a place to do the work, and the Clinical Placement Team at Purdue University will make sure it’s a good fit for you. If you already have a job in this area, you might be able to do the fieldwork with your current employer.

Once you complete the ABA Master’s program, you might be able to:

  • Understand how ideas and theories about behavior and psychology apply to different real-life situations in the area of applied behavior analysis.
  • Understand how behavior assessment and intervention methods in applied behavior analysis come from ideas and theories about behavior.
  • Create effective plans based on research and what you have learned about the ideas and theories of applied behavior analysis.
  • Integrate important rules, ethics, and guidelines about individual, cultural, and social aspects from the field of applied behavior analysis in your work.

Arizona State University Online

Online MS in Psychology – Addiction Psychology

In the online Addiction Psychology MS program at Arizona State University, you will have access to the latest research from world-renowned experts in the field, as well as practical knowledge from experienced psychologists and addiction counselors who hold licenses and have provided treatment for many years.

To complete the program, you will need to earn 45 credit hours, including a mandatory applied project course.

You will undergo a practicum consisting of six credit hours, during which you will accumulate 600 hours of real-world experience as an addiction counselor, guided by licensed professionals specializing in substance abuse. The program advisors will assist you in securing a suitable licensed addiction treatment facility near your location, which will offer supervision throughout your training.

The program’s staff members will also validate the licensing of both the facility and the supervisor and maintain a training agreement for the practicum. Additionally, a weekly instructional class will support your training journey, addressing any concerns and ensuring the practicum’s successful completion.

A six-credit-hour applied project serves as the program’s final experience. In this project, you will analyze existing addiction treatment research, pinpoint areas that lack information, and develop a study or offer recommendations that contribute to addiction psychology. Furthermore, the applied project course encompasses a practice licensing examination, preparing you to obtain state licensure as an addiction counselor.

Upon finishing the online Addiction Psychology Master of Science program, you will possess the expertise, abilities, and practical experience required to seek state licensure and embark on a career as an addiction counselor.

Online MS in Psychology – Forensic Psychology

Getting an online master’s degree in forensic psychology from Arizona State University can help you grow in your career, combining mental health and criminal justice.

In the Online MS in Psychology program, you will learn how to do research, study the law as it relates to psychology, and explore the treatment of mental health problems. This degree can also help you prepare for a higher-level program, like a doctorate in psychology, which you need to become a licensed forensic psychologist.

The Online MS in Psychology program helps you understand how mental health and the way people act are connected to crime and the law. You will learn about concepts like criminal law and how people behave when they commit crimes. You will also study how decisions are made in the US legal system.

To get your master’s degree, you will take classes on different subjects like forensic and legal psychology, mental health problems, and issues related to crime and justice. You can also choose from several extra classes that let you learn about specific topics like the psychology of people in prison, gangs, and more. The program finishes with a hands-on project.

You can apply for the Online MS in Psychology program if you have a bachelor’s or master’s degree in psychology, criminal justice, social science, or a similar field from an approved school. You also need to show that you have taken a class in research methods for psychology, social science, or criminology.

Capella University

Online MS – Clinical Psychology: Clinical Counseling

By enrolling in the online Master of Science in Clinical Psychology program at Capella University, you will dive into the scientific study of mental and behavioral health. You will learn about how evaluations are done, discover different therapy ideas, and work on professional skills to make a difference in people’s lives.

As a student in this program, you will start with essential courses to build a strong foundation in the field. Next, you will take specialized courses to expand your knowledge and prepare for your final project.

The Clinical Counseling focus in this program teaches you about the basics of clinical psychology and professional practice. You will learn about assessing clients, counseling techniques, psychological tests, research methods, ethics, and diversity.

After finishing this program, you will be able to:

  • Use ethical principles in academics, research, and professional practice
  • Communicate effectively in writing, speaking, and using technology, following professional standards
  • Apply theories and research findings to your professional counseling and clinical psychology practice
  • Analyze research related to counseling and clinical psychology
  • Understand the value of diversity and use multicultural skills in your studies and work settings

To complete this degree, you will need:

  • A total of 74 program credits
  • Five main courses, three specialized courses, and two elective courses
  • Two residencies, one practicum, and one internship

Online MS – School Psychology

The online Master of Science (MS) in School Psychology program gives you the essential training to learn how to assess and help students with their academic, behavioral, and mental health needs.

To finish this degree, you will need:

  • A total of 53 program credits
  • Completion of eleven required courses

Keep in mind that just completing the school psychology master’s degree might not be enough to qualify you to take a licensure or certification exam as a school psychologist. If you are interested in getting state or national certification as a school psychologist, you should also complete a Capella EdS in School Psychology or PsyD in School Psychology.

Southern New Hampshire University

Online MS in Psychology – Child & Adolescent Development

Southern New Hampshire University’s accredited Online Master of Science in Psychology program helps you get ready for a meaningful job in mental health and wellness for different people in various places like hospitals, schools, and government buildings.

In this program, you will learn more about how to do research, how people think, how they act around others, and their personalities. You will also study how people learn and the right way to practice psychology, while focusing on using psychological research in real life.

The online master’s program in psychology lets you study other subjects along with psychology. The main part of the program has eight courses that cover research, measurement, ethics, and more in psychology.

If you choose the child and development psychology concentration in the master’s program, you will learn how to create plans and strategies that help kids with their unique needs and backgrounds.

Adding a focus on child development to your master’s degree in psychology can be helpful when looking for jobs in places that work with children. You could find a job creating and managing programs for kids at community centers, daycares, schools, and nonprofit organizations.

This focus also prepares you well to continue your studies in child psychology at the doctorate level so you can become a child psychologist.

Online MA in Clinical Mental Health Counseling

You can make a difference in people’s mental health by getting your online master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Southern New Hampshire University.

During the program, you will have the chance to learn how to work well with clients who have different emotional and behavioral problems, like issues with growing up, trauma, addiction, and serious mental illnesses. As you learn how to become a clinical mental health counselor, your clients will feel better because of your kindness and helpful knowledge.

In the 60-credit online counseling program, you will also have to join two in-person meetings to improve your job skills.

The MA in Clinical Mental Health Counseling program at SNHU is approved by the Council for Accreditation of Counseling and Related Educational Programs (CACREP).

Being mostly online, SNHU lets you enjoy the easy online classes and the in-person experiences that can help you understand your clients better.

Besides the 60 required school credits, you need to go to two 5-day meetings, either in New Hampshire or other places that might be chosen later. You also have to finish a 100-hour hands-on learning experience and two 300-hour supervised internships..

During the program you will learn:

  • Ways to help and speak up for clients
  • Methods based on facts and data
  • Skills and practices that are right for different people and cultures
  • How to talk with clients, treat them, and stop problems
  • Group counseling and working with groups
  • Techniques and ideas for checking and treating clients

Grand Canyon University

Online Master of Science in Psychology – Human Factors Psychology

The 36-credit online Master of Science in Psychology with an Emphasis in Human Factors Psychology program combines engineering and psychology to study how humans interact with technology. The main goal is to improve people’s well-being and the performance of systems. This program trains professionals to enhance everyday human experiences and abilities.

During the program, you will study psychology, sociology, and communications to better understand how people process and remember information. This fast-growing area of psychology helps professionals advise on designing and improving products, equipment, and environments to boost human safety and capabilities.

With challenging coursework, you will gain advanced knowledge that you can use in your job right away. Some key courses in this degree include:

  • Current and Ethical Issues in Psychology
  • Basics of Human Factors
  • Sensation and Perception
  • Social and Cultural Psychology
  • Cognition

You will learn from experienced instructors who are experts in their fields. By the time you graduate, you will be able to create a software design that makes human interaction more efficient.

You will also learn how to research users for a product or system, figure out the best user experience for a product or system, and design a product or system using human factors principles. Other important skills you will gain in this program include:

  • Understanding different perspectives and theories in psychology
  • Explaining psychological events using scientific reasoning
  • Applying human factors theories and principles in real life
  • Knowing how humans receive and process information through sight and hearing

Online Master of Science in Psychology – Life Coaching

The 36-credit online Master of Science in Psychology with an Emphasis in Life Coaching is designed for people who want to grow professionally or expand their knowledge in the field.

During the program, you will focus on learning how to help others live happy, successful lives. You will study life coaching principles and theories, and gain basic coaching skills that you can use right away in your work.

You will also discover methods and strategies for building strong coaching relationships and creating effective coaching plans. As a graduate, you will be prepared to work with individuals or businesses and other groups.

The life coaching Master of Science in psychology program, offered online by GCU, provides flexibility for today’s students. You can earn your degree while keeping up with your current job responsibilities.

You will study research-driven ideas, principles, and techniques in psychology. This solid foundation of scientific understanding will help you thoroughly evaluate people, make helpful suggestions, and put successful coaching plans into action.

The master’s in life coaching follows a modern curriculum that encourages students to think critically, communicate effectively, and be ethical leaders. Some of the courses included in this program are:

  • Current and Ethical Issues in Psychology
  • Life Coaching Basics
  • One-on-One Coaching
  • Coaching for Businesses and Organizations
  • Assessment and Facilitation

A life coaching degree can lead to many career opportunities. It’s a versatile and adaptable qualification that can help graduates achieve their entrepreneurial goals.

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