Popular Industrial Organizational Psychology Programs in Georgia [Updated for 2024]

Last Updated: May 27, 2024

Education in Georgia promotes innovation to equip students with the best and most modern practices in learning. Schools offering industrial-organizational psychology in Georgia are in the business of ensuring well-trained personnel are available to cultivate a good work culture. Georgia is home to many popular psychology schools and colleges.

Industrial-organizational psychology, often known as I-O psychology, is a subset of psychology that studies the impact of people’s behavior on business or work outcomes. The specialty focuses on developing general rules of individual, group, and organizational conduct and using them to solve issues at work.

Universities in Georgia offer training for I-O psychology at Master’s degree and Ph.D. levels, with a sequence of programs designed to equip students with practitioner-focused skill sets.

A bachelor’s degree in psychology is the first step on the career path to becoming an I-O psychologist. Opportunities with just a bachelor’s degree exist, but they are few. Most I-O psychology students in Georgia obtain additional degrees. However, some may take a break in between to work and gain experience in the real world.

Industrial Organizational Psychology Graduate Programs in Georgia

Based on National Center for Education Statistics data, below is a list of Georgia-based schools offering industrial organizational-psychology degree programs that can help prepare you for a future career in Georgia:

  • University of Georgia (UGA)
  • Georgia Institute of Technology
  • Grand Canyon University
  • North Central University (NCU)
  • Capella Univesity
  • Valdosta State University (VSU)
  • Purdue University
  • Georgia Tech

University of Georgia (UGA)

As the nation’s first public University with state funding, the University of Georgia has a place in American history. These days, the school is known for its vibrant student community.

The I-O psychology program is one of three doctoral programs within the Department of Psychology at the University of Georgia.

Its curriculum comprises courses designed to give students the academic grounding they need to master the skills essential to improving working individuals’ quality of life.

Candidates accepted for the Ph.D. program and with a bachelor’s degree are expected to take the following courses: Introduction to industrial and organizational psychology, Ethics and Professional Issues, Psychometrics, and applied regression method. Master’s degree students must consult faculty advisors on whether their course credits and thesis from the previous program will transfer.

In addition to psychology related courses, it also incorporates other courses from computer sciences, statistics, public administration, sociology, and management.

Georgia Institute of Technology

The Georgia Institute of Technology is one of the top research universities, with an estimated 40,000 students studying at the main campus in Atlanta and through remote learning.

The school of psychology at Georgia Institute of Technology offers I-O psychology programs at the Master’s and Ph.D. levels. Minimum requirements for entry into the Master’s program include a bachelor’s degree in psychology or related fields (e.g., computer science, linguistics, and mathematics), three recommendation letters, and GRE scores.

The Master’s program runs a 12-semester calendar with three major courses and one elective. The course offerings include Industrial/Organizational Psychology, Social Psychology, Personality Theory, and an elective course. Students are expected to have a minimum of Grade “C” to earn the certificate.

North Central University (NCU)

NCU offers a rigorous and flexible academic experience to help motivated students achieve their goals. The University operates 100% online, and there are no weekly start dates.

With the 30-credit Master’s degree program in industrial and organizational Psychology, students can continue their education at the doctoral level and prepare themselves for careers in the business sector, government, and industries. The courses include: Introduction to Organizational/Industrial Psychology, Organizational Development, Applied Statistics, Research Design, and Measurements and Tests.

The curriculum also offers students the choice between completing an internship and a capstone project at the end of the degree.

Valdosta State University (VSU)

The Master’s level industrial-organizational psychology program at VSU is ranked 19th in the country. This program’s objective is to equip students with the information and skills they need to contribute and add value to the expanding field of I-O psychology.

To be eligible for admission into the program, a candidate must meet the following criteria: an undergraduate degree in psychology or a related field, and at least 15 semester hours in particular psychology courses, including: General psychology, experimental psychology and statistical methods in psychology.

Each student must take a total of 60 semester hours to earn a Master of Science in I-O Psychology. The courses include Industrial Organizational Psychology, Professional Issues, Organizational Development, Employment Law and Personal Practices, and Statistical methods.

Interestingly, students who qualify can choose from various financial aid options, including loans, grants, and scholarships available at the University.

I-O Psychology Career Opportunities in Georgia

Industrial psychologists apply scientific research in a broad scope of office settings. Some people work in the manufacturing sector, medical centers, businesses, or labor organizations. They are qualified to work in-house with a company’s human resources division as trainers, coaches, and facilitators.

Jobs in industrial organizational psychology are a rapidly expanding. Helping others enhance their work processes and motivations gives them job satisfaction and improve everyone’s experience in the workforce.

An industrial psychologist in Georgia can expect to find a career in the following roles: Human Resources organizational development manager, Employee retention specialist, Talent management specialist, Behavioral analyst, Consultant, Human Resource practice manager, Executive coach, Policy officer, Engineering psychologist, and Research analyst.

I-O Psychologist Salary in Georgia

As of October 2023, according to Salary.com, the average annual salary for industrial-organizational psychologists in Georgia is $131,021.

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