Accredited Online Psychology Bachelor’s Degrees in North Carolina – NC [2024 Guide]

Time constraints, geographical restrictions, and life responsibilities can often be a roadblock in pursuing higher education. Perhaps you are working full-time or caring for family, so relocating to a brick-and-mortar university seems out of the question.

Online psychology bachelor’s degrees in North Carolina could be the ideal solution for you. It combines the flexibility of online learning with a comprehensive curriculum designed to train future psychologists. With the ability to study anytime and anywhere, you can earn your degree while continuing with your daily responsibilities.

North Carolina offers many accredited online psychology bachelor’s programs, each taught by experienced professionals who ensure you get a high-quality education.

best accredited online psychology bachelors degrees in NC

Online Psychology Bachelor’s Degrees in North Carolina

Listed below are some of the popular schools offering online psychology bachelor’s degrees in North Carolina:

  • North Carolina Central University
  • Capella University
  • Campbell University
  • William Peace University
  • Montreat College
  • Arizona State University Online
  • Methodist University
  • Southern New Hampshire University

North Carolina Central University

Online Bachelor of Science (BS) in Psychology

Take your career to the next level with a 121-credit online psychology bachelor’s degree from North Carolina Central University. As you delve into the field, you will find that psychology’s principles are applicable across many professions, ranging from education and rehabilitation to human resources. By obtaining a psychology degree from NCCU, you are investing in skill development, resume building, and career advancement.

Imagine developing the analytical acumen to navigate complex interpersonal dynamics and acquiring practical problem-solving techniques. This online degree is geared towards honing your critical thinking abilities, allowing you to analyze and apply psychological theories through efficient teaching and research methods.

Some of the core courses that you will take include:

  • General Psychology
  • Psychology as a Profession
  • Introductory Statistics for Students of Psychology
  • Abnormal Psychology
  • Experimental Psychology
  • The Psychology of Human Development
  • Psychological Measurement
  • Psychology of Learning

The program goes beyond just psychology. It provides you a broad-based education that spans the arts, humanities, and social sciences, positioning you well for your career development or further studies in psychology or related fields. Imagine the excitement of studying under highly esteemed faculty from North Carolina Central University.

Your learning experience is enriched by NCCU’s diverse and skilled faculty. They offer a wide range of theoretical and applied psychology teachings, building a comprehensive educational spectrum for you to delve into.

In the era of digital learning, NCCU’s online faculty are equipped to offer high-quality, interactive, and student-centric courses. The course highlights the significance of self-development, the value of human diversity, and the importance of individual, collective, and global change responsibility.

NCCU’s psychology department upholds the highest teaching, scholarship, and research standards, inspiring new models for psychosocial health and well-being in our dynamic world.

The program could open many doors for you. You can continue your studies with a graduate degree in psychology or leverage your knowledge in professions like:

  • Psychology
  • Social Work
  • Criminal Justice
  • Public Health
  • Human Sciences
  • Recreational Therapy

It’s all within your reach. To kick start your journey at NCCU, here’s what you need to submit:

  1. Your official high school transcripts, GED, or high school equivalency diploma.
  2. Transcripts from all colleges you have attended, regardless of whether you have earned credits or plan to transfer them. This includes transcripts from any summer sessions and online or distance-education classes you’ve taken.
  3. Any additional items or information that the application or the Extended Studies, DE Undergraduate Admission Officers might request.

Campbell University

Online Bachelor of Science (BS) in Psychology

Start your journey to understanding yourself and others better with Campbell University’s 124-credit online BS Psychology program. This program is tailor-made for students who are not just intrigued by the inner workings of the human mind but also eager to use that knowledge to benefit society.

In this program, you will explore the core areas of psychology, including biological, developmental, social and personality, cognitive, and abnormal psychology. You will learn how to ‘think’ like a psychologist as you take courses in social sciences statistics and research methods. These valuable skills can be applied across various fields, from human resources to marketing, government agencies, and beyond.

As a student at Campbell, you will be honing your skills based on the American Psychological Association’s (APA) recommended outcomes. These includes gaining a solid knowledge base in psychology, honing scientific thinking and inquiry, developing ethical and social responsibility in a diverse world, improving communication skills, and professional development.

What’s more, the course structure of this program is tailored for adult learners’ needs. The eight-week accelerated term format gives you flexibility without compromising on the breadth of subjects covered, which include:

  • Developmental psychology
  • Physiological psychology
  • Social psychology
  • Abnormal psychology
  • Cognitive psychology

Beyond just theory, the online Psychology B.S. curriculum encourages you to think critically and creatively. You will explore how scientific knowledge of psychology can help manage interpersonal relations and tackle societal issues. The specific skills you will acquire include:

  • Statistical analysis
  • Research design
  • Critical thinking
  • Ethical decision-making
  • Science-based problem-solving
  • Communication skills

A psychology degree can be beneficial in any field, but if you are keen on a career in a psychology-related field, plan on pursuing a graduate program in psychology or a related field like clinical social work. To work in mental health, an advanced degree is typically required.

Licensing requirements apply to clinical psychology and mental health-related fields, and they vary by state. If you aim to be a licensed psychologist in North Carolina, remember that continuing education and training throughout your career are crucial to stay abreast of current research and developments in the field.

In short, the online BS Psychology program at Campbell provides a rich learning experience with a range of unique features:

  • Enjoy the flexibility of an online psychology degree or choose from one of three campuses – a program designed with the needs of online and adult learners in mind.
  • Make the most of accelerated 8-week terms that let you complete your degree faster and apply your newfound skills sooner.
  • Benefit from instructors with real-world professional experience, research expertise, and certification in online instruction.
  • Experience a personalized learning journey with smaller class sizes that facilitate better interaction with your instructors.
  • Gain hands-on research experience by designing and/or carrying out a research study.
  • Learn to collect, analyze, and interpret relevant data – a skillset relevant to any profession.
  • Join organizations like Psi Chi, the international honor society for psychology students, to cultivate personal and professional connections and leadership skills.

William Peace University

Accelerated Online Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology

Immerse yourself in the foundations of general psychology, including aspects of personality, perception, thinking, and social interaction, through an engaging, online, and fast-tracked degree program at William Peace University. Learn from experienced professors who bring a wealth of knowledge to your virtual classroom.

Embarking on a psychology degree journey gives you the chance to better understand human nature, motivations, emotions, and thought processes. The knowledge and practice you gain could be pivotal in enhancing others’ lives.

Accelerated psychology bachelor’s degree at WPU is designed to sharpen your critical thinking and observational skills, preparing you for a diverse range of careers spanning law, criminal justice, human services, and healthcare.

Practical learning is integral to the program. Curriculum is centered around research and theories on human behavior, equipping you with a strong foundation for careers in fields such as counseling, social work, and psychology. Key features of the degree include:

  • Flexible course schedules and assignments.
  • Unique teaching methods and theoretical work.
  • Hands-on, outcome-focused learning.
  • Essential groundwork for a variety of career goals and opportunities.

As a student, you will also develop essential skills like effective listening, observing, analyzing, interpreting, and understanding the significance of ethical practice and empathy. Additionally, you will learn to think critically and inferentially.

WPU’s degree program is convenient, affordable, and accessible with a streamlined application process. The university accepts up to 90 transfer credits and offer multiple start dates throughout the year, providing the flexibility needed by busy professionals like you.

Upon completing your psychology degree at WPU, an array of opportunities awaits you. While some graduates kickstart their professional careers right away, others choose to deepen their specialization by pursuing graduate studies, including master’s and doctoral programs. These advanced programs allow you to build on the knowledge and degree you have received from WPU.

Graduates of WPU’s online, accelerated program have gone on to thriving careers in areas like pharmaceutical sales, nonprofit organizations, social work, social sciences, life skills training, human resources, healthcare, community relations, mental health, and clinical psychology.

Montreat College

Online Bachelor of Science (BS) in Psychology

Through Montreat College’s online Bachelor of Science in Psychology program, you can enhance your critical thinking skills. This program will offer you a thorough understanding of human development and behavior. You will also learn various research methods to understand how humans learn and process information.

The program also introduces you to the fundamental theories of personality and the structure of the brain. This program aims to empower you to be a better teacher, leader, and guide to those you will serve in your future career.

The entire online program includes 120 credit hours, and you can finish it in one to four years. How long you take largely depends on the number of credits you already have and can transfer.

Every course in this program spans an eight-week session. Each semester comprises two sessions. To qualify as a full-time student, you need to take 12 credit hours per semester. This equates to taking two courses (6 credit hours each) in the first eight-week session and another two courses in the second eight-week session.

Here are some of the core courses you will take:

  • Social Psychology: In this course, you will explore how actual or perceived social factors and interactions with others influence individual behaviors and thoughts.
  • Educational Psychology: You will examine the application of psychological principles and theories to education and teaching. The course covers various topics like learning, motivation, individual differences, classroom evaluation, and classroom management.
  • Introduction to Neuroscience: This course will offer you an understanding of the brain’s molecular, cellular, behavioral, and computational mechanisms. You will study the structures and functions of the nervous system and brain.
  • Developmental Psychology: You will get an overview of the human life span from conception to the end of life. This course emphasizes continuous development and the critical periods in human maturation, based on contemporary theories and research.
  • Theories and Principles of Counseling: This course will take you through several of the major theories of counseling and their applications in working with individuals, families, and small groups. It includes principles and techniques used in assessment, crisis intervention, contracts, and developing therapeutic relationships.
  • Research Methods: This is designed for upper-level undergraduate students majoring in human services and psychological studies. It will provide an introduction to research methodology and a basic framework to evaluate social and behavioral science research critically.
  • Learning and Memory: This course offers a basic overview of the principles, theories, and applications of learning and memory. It covers basic research, theory, and applications in human learning, memory, information processing, verbal learning, conditioning, and social learning.
  • Internship: Under supervision, you will have the chance to combine your classroom knowledge with practical work experience in various psychology-related fields.

If you wish to apply, you need to submit the following:

  • The Montreat College Application for Admission form.
  • Official, final transcripts of all the college courses you have taken.
  • Your overall grade point average (GPA) of 2.0 or higher (on a 4.0 scale) in all previous college work attempted.
  • Your official, final high school transcript or its equivalent (if you are transferring less than 12 semester credits of college credit).

Arizona State University Online

Online Bachelor of Arts in Psychology

The online Bachelor of Arts in Psychology program at Arizona State University (ASU) offers you a chance to deeply understand the human mind and behavior. This program covers topics like motivation, learning processes, statistical data analysis, and the functioning of the brain. With this online psychology degree, you will gain the necessary skills for careers in psychological treatment, law, business, social services, and beyond.

The curriculum for this degree blends theoretical learning with practical application, giving you a broad, engaging educational journey. You will be introduced to the core concepts of psychology that will underpin your further courses and shape your career path.

As you work toward your bachelor’s degree in psychology, you will explore the various specializations within the field of psychology and learn how to apply your knowledge to real-world problems.

With your bachelor’s degree in psychology, you can decide to advance to postgraduate studies or step into the professional world. One of the major perks of this online degree is its versatility – it can help you achieve a variety of academic and professional aspirations. Typical career paths in psychology encompass research and clinical roles, but note that some careers might require further study. Here are a few sectors where graduates commonly find work:

  • Medicine
  • Mental health services
  • Policy development
  • Public administration
  • Social work

This program also grants you access to internship and research opportunities under the mentorship of world-class faculty members. These opportunities are designed to prime you for the next phase of your career or further academic pursuits.

Furthermore, this program can be a part of an Accelerated Master’s program. If you are accepted into this program, you could earn your master’s degree just one year after finishing your bachelor’s degree – a time and cost-efficient way to enhance your expertise in your field.

As an online student at ASU, you will receive the same high-quality instruction from the same faculty as students on campus, no matter where you are in the world. The faculty at ASU are known for their innovative, world-class academic achievements.

Upon graduation, your diploma and transcripts won’t mention the mode of your learning – whether you earned your degree online or in person. They will simply state “Arizona State University”, ensuring your achievement is recognized without any distinction.

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