Accredited Online Psychology Bachelor’s Degrees in Florida [2024 Guide]

Last Updated: May 29, 2024

Online psychology bachelor’s degrees in Florida offer an outstanding chance to begin your career in the exciting field of psychology, all while enjoying the convenience of your own home.

In today’s demanding world, pursuing higher education can be quite challenging, especially for individuals balancing work, family, and personal commitments. Conventional in-person classes may appear unattainable for numerous aspiring psychologists, leading to obstacles in pursuing a rewarding and meaningful career in the field.

Thankfully, online programs in Florida provide flexibility, convenience, and a comprehensive education in psychology that fits your hectic lifestyle.

Online Psychology Bachelor’s Degrees in Florida

Listed below are some of the popular schools offering online psychology bachelor’s degree in Florida:

  • University of Florida
  • Keiser University
  • Florida International University
  • University of Central Florida
  • University of West Florida
  • Florida Tech University
  • Saint Leo University
  • Lynn University

University of Florida

Online Bachelor of Arts in Psychology

At the University of Florida, you can pursue an Online Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, which will allow you to explore the fascinating world of the human mind. You will study a mix of subjects that will help you understand how our brains and behavior are shaped by biology, development, learning, and society. The Psychology department at UF values diversity among its students, faculty, and staff, creating a supportive and respectful environment for everyone.

This program will prepare you for a variety of careers in fields like education, human resources, business, marketing, healthcare, and counseling. It also serves as a solid foundation if you plan to continue your education in graduate or professional programs, whether in psychology or other areas like law.

To earn your online psychology degree, you will need to take courses in psychology, statistics, mathematics, and biology. You will also complete classes in four core areas of the discipline and choose elective psychology courses. This well-rounded education will set you up for success in numerous related careers or further academic pursuits.

The BA in Psychology is a popular choice at the University of Florida, and the online program is designed for students who can’t attend classes on campus. You will benefit from the same top-notch faculty and rigorous coursework that make the university a leading research institution.

When applying to the program, your applicant type depends on how many transferable college credits you have earned before starting:

  • 0-11 credits: Freshman applicant
  • 12-59 credits: Lower Division Transfer applicant
  • 60+ credits (including Associate of Arts degree holders): Upper Division Transfer applicant
  • Already have a bachelor’s degree: Second Bachelor’s degree seeking applicant

Florida International University

Online BA in Psychology

At Florida International University (FIU), you can earn a fully online 120-credit Bachelor of Arts in Psychology that offers a fast, convenient, and flexible way to study psychology. This program will give you a strong foundation in scientific research and human behavior while developing your critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

During the program, you will be introduced to five key areas of psychology: experimental, applied, social, developmental, and abnormal psychology.

With a BA in Psychology from FIU, you will have access to a wide range of careers in fields like social services, human resources, and statistical analysis. Plus, you can pursue a graduate degree in psychology or a related field.

The online program is just as high-quality as FIU’s on-campus Department of Psychology, featuring the same renowned faculty and personalized support from your own success coach to ensure your online learning experience is top-notch.

A psychology degree will help you understand human behavior through scientifically rigorous methods, making it a valuable foundation for careers in business, education, law, medicine, social work, and, of course, psychology itself.

As a psychology major, you will have opportunities to engage in ongoing research, participate in active student organizations, and conduct your own studies through various research labs.

The program covers important topics such as:

  • Human growth and development
  • Childhood development
  • Personal adjustment
  • Industrial-organizational psychology
  • Psychology of sexual behavior
  • Research methods in psychology

If you plan to pursue a long-term career in psychology, a bachelor’s degree in psychology is an excellent stepping stone towards an advanced degree, like a master’s in psychology or doctorate in psychology.

To apply for this program, you will need to provide:

  • A completed online application
  • Official high school transcripts
  • $30 application fee
  • Official ACT or SAT scores

University of Central Florida

Online BA in Psychology

With the University of Florida’s online BA in Psychology, you will develop a strong foundation in psychology to help you succeed in your future pursuits. You will learn about key topics such as terminology, research methods, statistics, physiology, and the history of psychology.

To make the program more suited to your interests and goals, you can choose from six different tracks: clinical, general, experimental, human factors, neuroscience, and industrial-organizational.

Here’s a quick summary of each track:

  • Clinical Psychology Track: You will study the diagnosis and treatment of mental, emotional, and behavioral disorders.
  • Experimental Psychology Track: You will focus on creating, analyzing, and sharing research related to behavior through experiments.
  • Human Factors Psychology Track: You will apply human behavior to the design and use of products, systems, tools, and environments for better human interaction.
  • Industrial-Organizational Psychology Track: You will learn about productivity, management, and employee working styles to enhance workplace quality of life.
  • Neuroscience Track: You will investigate how the brain affects cognitive functions and behavior.
  • General Track: You will acquire a comprehensive understanding of psychology.

Throughout the program, you will be encouraged to engage in research, fieldwork, internships, and student organizations to deepen your knowledge and apply what you’ve learned in the classroom to real-life situations.

To earn your Bachelor of Science in Psychology, you must complete 120 credit hours, with 81 of those hours being within the major. You will take 29 credit hours of core psychology courses beyond general education requirements, 3 credit hours of diversity-restricted electives, 6 hours of math/science electives, and 15-16 hours of credits in your chosen psychology track.

Additionally, you will need to complete a psychology capstone to graduate.

University of West Florida

Online BA in Psychology

In the online BA in Psychology program at the University of West Florida, you will learn how to use psychological science to understand human behavior and mental processes. As an undergraduate student, you wull think like a scientist, working to comprehend and solve real-world issues.

This program is designed to prepare you for a wide range of career options, helping you develop important skills employers look for. You may discover various job opportunities within psychology and customize your learning according to your desired career path. As you advance through the online program, you will shape your skillset while mastering the basics of psychology necessary for success.

As a psychology graduate, you may find work in diverse settings such as schools, hospitals, or other industries. You will also be ready to pursue graduate or professional degrees and continue your education in graduate school.

The BA in Psychology at UWF is composed of 120 credit hours, allowing for up to 90 transferable credits from a regionally accredited college or university. After finishing 60 credit hours in general education, you will take 39 credit hours in psychology, 12 prerequisite hours, and additional upper-level electives.

During the program, you will take various core psychology courses, including:

  • Research Methods in Psychological Science
  • Memory and Cognition
  • Brain, Behavior and Experience
  • Professional Development in Psychology
  • Psychology of Adolescence
  • Abnormal Psychology
  • Industrial Psychology

Once you complete your degree, you will be able to:

  • Tackle behavioral questions using psychological methods.
  • Develop robust research skills.
  • Enhance your oral and written communication abilities.
  • Investigate career options and focus your learning and skill development based on your chosen career plan.

To apply for this program, you must first submit an application for undergraduate admission and receive acceptance into the University of West Florida. Furthermore, you are required to:

  • Send official transcripts from all previously attended institutions.
  • Provide ACT or SAT test results.
  • Fill out the residency application form for tuition determination.
  • Complete the department-specific application form.

Florida Tech University

Online BA in Applied Psychology

In Florida Tech’s online Bachelor of Arts program focusing on Applied Psychology, you will combine the study of human behavior with a wide-ranging liberal arts education.

This 100% online, 121-credit program allows you to select third- and fourth-year electives from four areas of interest: advocating for children, clinical psychology, forensic psychology, and psychology in organizations. You will also have the freedom to choose electives across these areas.

Throughout this Applied Psychology program, you will investigate how psychology can contribute to improvements in areas like health, business management, product development, and law. You will learn to pinpoint, understand, and devise practical solutions to issues that both individuals and organizations encounter.

Moreover, you will explore different theoretical viewpoints, historical developments, research discoveries, and ethical considerations within applied psychology.

By earning a Bachelor of Arts in Applied Psychology, you will be well-equipped to explore various management, leadership, and professional roles in fields such as social and behavioral sciences, business, marketing, and sales.

Potential career options include roles like counselor, behavioral science specialist, and case manager. Additionally, this program lays the groundwork for graduate studies in a range of psychology and sociology fields, as well as business, law, and counseling.

During the program, you will take various core courses, including:

  • Introduction to Psychology
  • Research Methods in Applied Psychology
  • Applied Psychology
  • Psychology of Learning and Motivation
  • Multicultural Issues
  • Social Psychology
  • Experimental Psychology
  • Professional and Ethical Issues

Saint Leo University

Online BA Psychology – Clinical/Counseling

The 120-credit online BA in Clinical/Counseling Psychology at Saint Leo University delivers a comprehensive education with the flexibility to adapt your learning path based on your unique needs as a busy professional.

You will explore various aspects of the human experience, including cognitive psychology, personality theories, the biological underpinnings of behavior, child and adolescent growth, race and ethnicity, and different research approaches.

You will also become proficient in using widely recognized software, such as Excel and SPSS. Apply your newfound knowledge in real-world scenarios through courses in forensics, military psychology, counseling, and industrial-organizational psychology, as well as through community engagement projects and internships.

The program’s courses are designed to offer a well-rounded education in psychology while allowing you the freedom to shape your education based on your individual goals.

After completing the program, you will be well-prepared for further studies in psychology and related areas, as well as for entry-level professional roles in human services and mental health facilities.

Saint Leo University requires that undergraduate students demonstrate technological competency before receiving their degree. You can meet this requirement by taking a waiver exam, completing a microcredential module, or enrolling in an academic course.

Some of the core courses that you will take include:

  • Psychological Tests and Measurements
  • Forensic Psychology
  • Human Sexuality
  • Counseling Principles and Practices
  • Childhood Disorders
  • Psychology of Parenting
  • Cognitive Psychology

How Much Does a Licensed Psychologist Make in Florida?

As of May 2023, the average salary for a licensed psychologist in Florida is $106,415 per year. Top earners make over $140,00 per year in Florida.

Income levels can differ significantly based on factors such as location, educational background, certifications, extra skills, and the amount of professional experience you have gained over the years.

Do You Need a License to Be a Psychologist in Florida?

Yes, in order to work as a psychologist in Florida, you must have a license.

Obtaining this license involves meeting certain criteria determined by the Florida Board of Psychology, such as possessing a doctoral degree in psychology, fulfilling a set number of supervised hours, and successfully passing specific exams like the Examination for Professional Practice in Psychology (EPPP) and the Florida State Examination.

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