Popular Online Psychology Bachelors Degrees in Texas [2024 Guide]

Last Updated: May 29, 2024

Are you considering pursuing an online psychology bachelor’s degree in Texas, but not sure where to start? You are in luck!

The Lone Star State is not only known for its vast landscapes and rich history but also for its top-notch online educational opportunities in psychology. Texas offers various reputable online psychology programs designed to fit your needs and prepare you for a rewarding career in the field of psychology.

In this guide, we will highlight popular schools and programs, and provide essential information on course offerings and career prospects. With the flexibility and accessibility of online learning, you can achieve your educational goals while balancing your work, family, and personal commitments.

online psychology bachelor's degree in Texas

Online Psychology Bachelor’s Degrees in Texas

Listed below are some of the popular schools offering online psychology bachelor’s degrees in Texas:

  • The University of Texas Permian Basin
  • Capella University
  • Sam Houston State University
  • Tarleton State University
  • University of Houston Downtown
  • Texas A&M University – Corpus Christi
  • Purdue Global
  • Lynn University

The University of Texas Permian Basin

Online Bachelor of Arts in Psychology

In the 120-credit online Bachelor of Arts in Psychology program at the University of Texas Permian Basin, you will build a solid understanding of psychological science and learn essential research and writing skills. These abilities can be valuable in various helping professions and beyond.

As you progress through the comprehensive online program, you will learn how to analyze research studies, craft persuasive arguments, and think critically about both theoretical and practical aspects of psychology. Gaining these skills, knowledge, and experience can make you a more competitive candidate in the professional world.

Once you successfully finish the online BA in Psychology, you will earn the same prestigious degree as students attending classes on campus, preparing you to excel in a variety of professional roles. If your daily life is filled with work and family obligations, this flexible online program might be the perfect fit for you.

During the program you will take various courses related to psychology, including:

  • Introduction to Psychology
  • Social Psychology
  • Abnormal Psychology
  • Lifespan and Development
  • Experimental Psychology
  • Industrial and Organizational Psychology

To apply, make sure to submit:

  • Official transcripts from all colleges and universities you have attended (including dual-credit courses during high school)
  • Your official high school transcript, showing GPA, class rank, and expected graduation date, or GED scores
  • SAT and/or ACT scores from within the last five years
  • A completed application

Sam Houston State University

Online Bachelor of Science in Psychology

At Sam Houston State University (SHSU), the 120-credit online psychology program covers a wide range of topics in psychology, helping you gain a deeper understanding of the causes and patterns of behavior.

Aiming to equip you for advanced studies, the Bachelor of Science in Psychology at SHSU also delivers a well-rounded liberal arts education. Graduates of this program have excelled in various roles, such as managerial positions in large corporations, law enforcement, pharmaceutical sales, and public sector jobs like human services and public relations.

To complete your online bachelor’s degree in psychology from SHSU, you will study courses spanning diverse areas of psychology and choose at least two courses from specific groups like Social Development, Clinical-Counseling, and Experimental. This diverse exposure will enable you to grasp the multiple approaches within psychology and identify the most suitable career direction for you.

Throughout the program, you will also have the opportunity to engage in research projects led by faculty members. Taking part in these projects can strengthen your analytical and research abilities while showcasing your dedication to the field of psychology.

The Bachelor of Science in Psychology can be pursued through a traditional, in-person format or as an online degree. While the majority of the coursework is available online, some classes may require on-campus attendance.

The programs aims to equip you with valuable skills that can help you stand out in the job market:

  • Become an excellent public speaker.
  • Learn how to collaborate effectively with diverse groups of people to achieve shared objectives.
  • Develop innovative and integrative thinking abilities to solve problems.
  • Master the process of designing, carrying out, and interpreting basic psychological research by coming up with original research ideas and testing them.

During the program you will take various courses related to psychology, including:

  • History Of Psychology
  • Research Methods
  • Physiological Psychology
  • Sensation/Perception
  • Development Psychology
  • Psychopathology and Family Dynamics
  • Psychology And The Law

Tarleton State University

Online Bachelor of Science in Psychology

The 4-year, 120-credit online Bachelor of Science in Psychology program at Tarleton offers the advantages of a small-school atmosphere along with the resources of a state-supported university. This exceptional value gives you unique opportunities, like working closely with faculty starting from your freshman year and participating in research, scholarship, and service activities often reserved for graduate students or those at larger institutions.

You can choose from three concentrations: General Psychology, Pre-Clinical Psychology, or Educational Psychology. You can take classes online, in-person, or a mix of both. By earning a psychology bachelor’s degree from Tarleton, you will acquire new skills in a fast-paced, changing world and prepare for various career paths.

  • The General Psychology concentration offers flexibility for students interested in various areas, allowing you to choose coursework tailored to your personal interests and professional goals.
  • The Pre-Clinical Psychology concentration is perfect for those who want to explore clinical coursework, with classes in abnormal psychology, child psychopathology, behavioral neuroscience, and biological psychology.
  • The Educational Psychology concentration is ideal for students interested in educational and cognition fields, encouraging you to take courses in human cognition, psycholinguistics, and psychological tests and measurements.

With a strong foundation in empirical and critical analysis using research and statistical tools, you will be ready for graduate school or a wide range of careers in fields like case management, clinical research, counseling, educational psychology, health, sports, nonprofit, and government.

Diverse coursework will help you understand human behavior and develop skills in collecting, analyzing, and interpreting data. You will study topics such as child psychopathology, neuropsychopharmacology, and psycholinguistics.

University of Houston Downtown

Online Bachelor of Science in Psychology

At the University of Houston Downtown (UHD), the 120-credit Bachelor of Science in Psychology program will help you develop essential skills like research, project planning, data analysis, and presenting results. You will deepen your understanding of key concepts, breakthroughs, and historical progress in the field of psychology. This degree program can be completed either online or face-to-face.

The coursework spans a variety of subjects, such as human development, childhood and adolescence, clinical studies, cognition and behavior, sensation and perception, research methods and statistics, memory, and abnormal psychology.

While not obligatory, you can choose a minor (at least 18 credit hours) like Ethnic Studies, Biology, or Criminal Justice to further tailor your degree.

By studying psychology at UHD, you will learn to excel in research, project planning, data analysis, and presenting results. With a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from UHD, you will have a solid grasp of the essential concepts, breakthroughs, and historical progress in the field of psychology.

The flexible education provided by the psychology program fosters growth potential that many employers appreciate. Your psychology degree can be applied in diverse areas beyond clinical settings, including:

  • Counseling services
  • Community relations
  • Market research
  • Education
  • Human resources
  • Business management

During the program you will take various courses related to psychology, including:

  • Human Growth and Development
  • Childhood and Adolescence
  • Clinical Studies
  • Cognition, Learning and Behavior
  • Sensation and Perception
  • Statistics and Research Methods

Texas A&M University – Corpus Christi

Online BA in Psychology

The 120-122 credit online Bachelor of Arts in Psychology program at Texas A&M University – Corpus Christi aims to:

  • Establish a strong foundation in psychology to help you pursue graduate studies in fields like clinical or counseling psychology, social psychology, or developmental psychology.
  • Equip you with a well-rounded education that can be applied to related careers in areas like human services, business, communications, and research.
  • Enhance the knowledge of students who have chosen other majors.

The course schedule for the online BA in Psychology might be different from on-campus options and may not include all courses available to on-campus students.

Through this program, you can expect to achieve the following learning outcomes:

  • Comprehensive understanding of psychology: You will grasp key concepts, theoretical viewpoints, research findings, and historical developments in psychology.
  • Proficiency in research methods: You will learn to apply research techniques in psychology, including designing studies, analyzing data, and interpreting results.
  • Critical thinking skills: You will cultivate the ability to think critically and creatively, using skepticism and scientific approaches to address questions related to behavior and mental processes.

The program requires a minimum of 37 semester hours in psychology, with General Psychology being a part of it. At least 25 of these hours should be upper-division courses. Additionally, the College of Liberal Arts mandates that psychology students complete at least 6 hours of study in a second language.

Are Online Psychology Degrees Respected in Texas?

Online psychology degrees are increasingly respected as more and more reputable and leading universities are now offering online programs that maintain the same high standards as their on-campus counterparts.

The perception of online degrees has shifted significantly in recent years, and employers now recognize the value of a quality online education.

However, overall worth of an online psychology degree can vary depending on factors such as:

  1. Accreditation: Ensure that the online program is accredited by a recognized accrediting body. An accredited degree from a well-regarded institution will generally be well-respected by employers and other educational institutions.
  2. University reputation: The reputation of the university offering the online psychology degree plays a crucial role in how the degree is perceived. Degrees from established and respected universities tend to be more highly regarded.
  3. Program quality: The quality of the online program, including the faculty, curriculum, and resources, can impact the respect given to the degree. Programs that closely mirror on-campus equivalents and maintain rigorous academic standards are more likely to be respected.
  4. Student experience: Online degrees that offer opportunities for research, internships, or other hands-on experiences can also enhance the credibility and respectability of the degree.

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