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Last Updated: May 29, 2024

Today’s fast-paced world can often leave us with little time for pursuing our academic interests and career growth. Traditional university settings often demand a rigid time commitment that clashes with work schedules, family responsibilities, or personal obligations.

Fortunately, the solution lies in online degrees. Online psychology bachelor’s degrees allow you to explore the fascinating world of psychology from the comfort of your own home, eliminating commuting hassles. Furthermore, online learning provides a flexible schedule so you can learn at your own pace while balancing work and family commitments.

In this article, we will explore some of the popular options for online psychology bachelor’s degrees in Illinois.

Online Psychology Bachelor’s Degrees in Illinois

Listed below are some of the popular schools offering online psychology bachelor’s degrees in Illinois:

  • Eastern Illinois University
  • Aurora University
  • Capella University
  • Greenville University
  • Loyola University Chicago
  • University of Illinois – Springfield
  • Purdue Global

Eastern Illinois University

Online Bachelor of Arts in Psychology

Eastern Illinois University’s online Bachelor of Arts in Psychology program is designed with you in mind, setting you up for careers in psychology and further studies.

This program is a great fit for you if you have finished an associate degree, Introductory Psychology, and College Algebra (or a higher-level math course). The online BA in Psychology at Eastern is one of the most affordable and flexible bachelor’s degrees for those who have finished their general education requirements and are looking to shift into an online psychology program.

Usually, students enter this program with an Associate’s degree and will require around 60 more credit hours to reach the 120 credit hours necessary for graduation. If you were to take 15 credit hours each semester, you could complete the degree requirements in just 4 semesters. Taking classes during the summer could fast-track your graduation or at least make your Fall/Spring semester workload lighter.

The only difference between online and in-person programs at Eastern is the delivery method. All online psychology classes maintain the same quality and content as the in-person classes. Your degree and transcripts will list your major as Psychology, not Online Psychology.

While not mandatory, undergraduate internships offer an excellent chance for you to apply what you have learned in your psychology courses to real-world situations in your local community, such as a mental health agency or school. These activities are supervised by a psychology faculty member along with an onsite supervisor. You can arrange internships with your local community agencies.

Upon graduation, you will have gained the ability to:

  • Use critical thinking skills to understand psychological phenomena, conduct research, analyze data and results, and evaluate psychology research studies.
  • Write clearly and critically in the field of psychology, create strong scientific arguments, and evaluate evidence, issues, and ideas from different perspectives.
  • Evaluate primary sources in psychology, use source materials ethically, and understand the strengths and limitations of different kinds of sources.
  • Display strong oral communication skills, present information using a scientific approach, participate in discussions on psychological concepts, and clearly express your own ideas.
  • Show flexible interpersonal skills that enhance information sharing and relationship building.
  • Understand the basic knowledge, major ideas, theoretical perspectives, historical trends, and empirical findings in key areas of psychology.
  • Implement values that promote positive outcomes in workplaces and foster a society sensitive to multicultural and global issues.
  • Use your psychology-focused knowledge, teamwork abilities, and effective self-reflection to prepare for employment, graduate school, or professional school.

Aurora University

Online BA – Psychology

The online Bachelor of Arts in Psychology program at Aurora University is designed to help you reach your educational goals, even with a tight schedule, thanks to its flexible and convenient layout.

By enrolling in the online psychology program at Aurora, you will gain essential skills and knowledge in a broad-ranging and sought-after major, with courses covering subjects such as adult development and aging, child and adolescent development, as well as clinical and counseling psychology.

During the program, you will be guided by experienced professors as you explore the world of human behavior, with the opportunity to bring the theories and concepts from the classroom to practical situations through an internship. The curriculum of the online Psychology BA program at Aurora features a solid academic foundation where you can refine your analytical thinking, research, and writing skills – all essential tools for a successful career.

This program is centered on the scientific examination of the mind and the study of human behavior throughout different stages of life. You will study topics like abnormal and normal behavior, personality development, motivation, the cultural context, and interaction with others.

As mentioned above, you will have the opportunity to apply what you have learned in the classroom to real-world scenarios through an internship. Besides getting help in finding a placement, you will be paired with a faculty mentor in your field who will give feedback on various internship-related tasks. You can complete your internship locally or even at your current workplace, as long as it meets the program director’s requirements.

With an online bachelor’s degree in psychology, you can boost your earning potential and job prospects. You will be prepared for various career paths, including:

  • Admissions counselor
  • Case worker
  • Community and social service worker
  • Community relations representative
  • Correctional caseworker
  • Crisis intervention counselor
  • Human resources professional
  • Market research analyst

To apply, you need to:

  • Fill out the undergraduate application.
  • Submit official, sealed transcripts from all the colleges or universities you have attended in the past.
  • Provide a resume that shows at least two years of work experience, military service, or relevant adult responsibilities.
  • Write a personal statement explaining why you want to enroll in an online program and describe how you will manage your life and time to succeed.
  • If you haven’t completed an associate degree or don’t have 60 hours of transfer credit: provide proof of high school graduation or a completed GED.

Greenville University

Online Bachelor of Science in Psychology

With Greenville University’s online Bachelor of Science in Psychology program, you get a stepping stone for a bright future in human and social services careers. During the program, you will understand how people think, feel, develop, learn, and make decisions in a supportive, learning-focused atmosphere.

The online degree in psychology at Greenville blends theoretical concepts with practical knowledge, helping you to develop a scientific and critical mindset in your professional life.

The program includes 39 credit hours of core psychology classes taught online. But you also need to complete some general education and elective classes, adding up to 120 credits in total. Each of Greenville’s online psychology classes spans 8 weeks.

You will also get the opportunity to transfer as many as 90 credits that you have earned before into the online BS in Psychology program. If you make the most of this credit transfer opportunity, you could finish the degree in just a year or two.

During the program, you will cover a range of subjects including counseling, psychopathology, statistics, clinical methods, personality, social, research methods, and more. Core courses of the program include:

  • General Psychology
  • Experimental Psychology
  • Cultural Psychology
  • History of Psychology
  • Psychology of Personality
  • Introductory Psychopathology
  • Professional Ethics and Vocation

After graduation, you will be well-equipped to either start a job in the field of social sciences or apply for further studies in areas like clinical or counseling psychology, fundamental or applied research, social work, counseling, and more.

Once you finish this program, your abilities will include:

  • Using both both inductive and deductive methods in real-world investigations, all the while sticking to the APA ethical standards.
  • Expressing the theoretical, spiritual, and ethical foundations of your work.
  • Presenting psychology-related information in an organized and clear way, using different types of media and text resources.
  • Participating in community service activities aiming to improve the quality of organizations, institutions, and the lives of people around you.

Loyola University Chicago

BA in Applied Psychology

Loyola University’s BA in Applied Psychology program offers a mix of business knowledge and psychological studies, including social psychology, personality analysis, and industrial psychology. This focus is specially crafted for those looking forward to jobs in areas like leadership and management, career guidance, employee relations, training, coaching, productivity, and human services.

You have the choice to complete this program entirely online or as a blend of online and in-person classes. The degree requires you to finish 120 credit hours, 36 of which should be in the Applied Psychology major. Core courses of the program include:

  • General Psychology
  • Statistics
  • Research Methods in Psychology
  • Social Psychology
  • Industrial/Organizational Psychology
  • Program Evaluation
  • Health Psychology

The BA in Applied Psychology program at Loyola is a top-notch, unique program tailored to the requirements of mature learners. Experienced teachers guide you in the scientific exploration of human behavior, emotions, thinking, and motivation, and prepare you for jobs that utilize psychological theories and techniques to promote inventive, data-driven problem-solving, critical system thinking, cultural adaptability, and convincing communication.

During the program, you will acquire skills to:

  • Use psychological theories, scientific proof, and cultural adaptability to solve personal, interpersonal, organizational, and societal issues.
  • Examine fundamental elements in human behavior, thinking, emotions, and motivation.
  • Use psychological systems theory to analyze complex systems, spot key elements, and promote change.
  • Build strategic communication skills used in behavioral science.
  • Create evaluations to measure the effects of interventions and programs.
  • Analyze quantitative and qualitative data to identify significant patterns.
  • Present data-driven suggestions to various stakeholders.
  • Discuss ethical and practical limitations of applied research on individuals.

Career paths for this psychology major include counseling, human resource management, industrial-organizational psychology, persuasion sciences, and psychometric and statistical analysis. This degree can be used in various sectors like management, social services, education, and healthcare.

University of Illinois – Springfield

Online BA in Psychology

The online BA in Psychology program at the University of Illinois – Springfield aims to familiarize you with common theoretical and research views in psychology, while also letting you explore topics of personal or professional interest.

Two core classes – Research Methods in Psychology and Senior Seminar – are designed to develop problem-solving, critical thinking, and communication abilities that are crucial in the field of psychology. You can further enhance and apply these skills through specific course concentrations that align with your individual goals or career aspirations.

This program offers you a solid foundation in liberal arts and a basic understanding of psychological issues, setting you up for various entry-level roles in sectors like business, government, industry, healthcare, and education. For instance, if you are considering an advanced degree in a support-oriented field, you might want to opt for the Clinical/Counseling Psychology concentration.

If you are aiming for teacher certification through the Teacher Education Program, the Educational Psychology concentration could be your path. If your career aspirations lie in business, government, or industry, you might choose the Experimental Psychology concentration, or any other concentration if a specific topic interests you.

If you are taking courses mainly for your own interest, you can go for the Individualized concentration, choosing suitable courses in consultation with your academic advisors.

Keep in mind, if you are aiming for a career in the helping professions, higher education, or conducting research in the field, you will generally need a graduate degree in psychology. While the mandatory core courses and suggested course concentrations aim to equip you for further studies at the graduate level, you might want to adjust your course choices to meet the specific admission requirements of a certain institution.

The structure of the online BA in Psychology program encourages you to explore electives outside of psychology as part of a comprehensive liberal arts education. Moreover, internships offer you a chance to blend classroom learning with practical field experience, while also gaining useful insights for future decisions about employment or further education.

Are Psychologists in Demand in Illinois?

In Illinois, there is a considerable need for psychologists. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics highlights a positive outlook for these professionals in Illinois, with job prospects set to rise by 9% from 2021 to 2031.

This growth rate indicates an increasing demand for skilled professionals in the field of psychology, making it a desirable career in Illinois.

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