Accredited Online Psychology Bachelor’s Degrees in Virginia [2024 Guide]

Last Updated: June 26, 2024

Virginia’s rich history, diverse population, and proximity to the nation’s capital offer unique opportunities for applying psychological knowledge to various sectors, such as government, research, public policy, education, and healthcare.

Online psychology bachelor’s degrees in Virginia provide an excellent solution for individuals who require the convenience and flexibility of online education. These programs allow you to study at your own pace and access course materials from any location, while still maintaining high-quality instruction from experienced faculty members.

Online Psychology Bachelor’s Degrees in Virginia

Listed below are some of the popular schools offering online psychology bachelor’s degrees in Virginia:

  • Virginia Wesleyan University
  • Old Dominion University
  • Capella University
  • Regent University
  • Liberty University
  • George Mason University
  • South University
  • Arizona State University Online

Virginia Wesleyan University

Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology Online (B.A.)

By pursuing an online psychology bachelor’s degree, you can open up a variety of career opportunities and further education options. The 128-credit online Bachelor of Arts in Psychology program at Virginia Wesleyan University (VWU) focuses on the science of psychology, helping you develop skills for diverse professional and academic settings.

Through a thorough curriculum, you will take part in hands-on research projects and study subjects such as cultural variations in psychology, human development, brain-related disorders, and ethical considerations. You will also learn to think critically about real-life ethical and professional dilemmas, using data to make well-informed decisions.

The teachers in the online psychology program at VWU have devoted their careers to understanding and instructing psychology, and they bring their practical experience to the virtual classroom. They are knowledgeable in areas like self-perception, gender issues, cognitive processes, and human development.

If you are interested in a psychology-related career in fields like human resources or human services, or want to establish a solid foundation for further studies in counseling or clinical psychology, an online degree from Virginia Wesleyan University may set you up for success.

The online BA in Psychology degree from VWU may lead to various career paths, such as:

  1. Marketing and Advertising: By studying psychology, you gain insights into human behavior and motivation, helping you better understand consumers in marketing and advertising roles.
  2. Human Resources: After completing VWU’s online psychology degree, you’ll possess knowledge in organizational and industrial psychology, useful for HR generalist or specialist roles.
  3. Human Services: The skills and experiences you gain in the program will enable you to address the needs of diverse populations and enhance their quality of life.
  4. Counseling: VWU’s online psychology degree provides a solid foundation for careers in counseling psychology, substance abuse counseling, or school counseling.
  5. Advocacy: A psychology graduate can pursue a fulfilling career in advocacy, specializing in areas like victim support, child protection, or health promotion.

Old Dominion University

Online Bachelors of Science in Psychology

The online Bachelor of Science in Psychology program at Old Dominion University consists of 120 credit hours and offers a well-rounded education, starting with foundational psychology concepts and covering courses in statistical methods and experimental design. During the program, you will have the opportunity to choose from a wide array of psychology courses.

This program helps you improve your analytical thinking abilities and foster better interpersonal skills. Old Dominion University also offers courses in industrial-organizational and clinical psychology to prepare you for further studies.

During the program you will take various core courses, including:

  • Human Cognition
  • Physiological Psychology
  • Social Psychology
  • Cross-Cultural Psychology
  • The Psychology of Adolescence
  • Industrial/Organizational Psychology
  • Human Factors

Key goals of the Bachelor of Science in Psychology program at Old Dominion include:

  • Comprehending, interpreting, and applying essential ideas, theories, and findings in psychology.
  • Assessing, analyzing, and understanding quantitative and qualitative psychological data.
  • Identifying, evaluating, and designing experimental and non-experimental psychological research.
  • Acknowledging and implementing ethical principles while respecting individual, social, and cultural differences.
  • Using discipline-specific information to make informed decisions about careers in psychology and related fields.

You can access course materials online from any place. Many classes don’t have fixed meeting times, enabling you to adjust them to your personal schedule. Instructors may establish specific deadlines for assignments and exams.

Although many program graduates continue to pursue a graduate degree, there are numerous career opportunities available outside of clinical settings. The online BA in Psychology at Old Dominion prepares you for various fields, such as:

  • Primary, secondary, or higher education
  • Social work professions
  • Roles in human resources
  • Positions in sales
  • Opportunities in business or management
  • Careers in marketing and advertising

Regent University

Online Bachelor of Science in Psychology

Regent’s 120-credit online Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Psychology program will help you better understand people and enable you to think about psychological topics logically and responsibly. You will explore the ways the human mind can function holistically and learn effective theories and practices.

To obtain a bachelor’s degree from Regent, you must complete general education requirements, at least one major area of study, and sufficient electives to reach a total of 120 semester credit hours.

A minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0 is necessary for graduation and to maintain good academic standing. Some areas of study also require a minimum grade for all major courses.

During the program you will take various core courses, including:

  • Introduction to Psychology
  • Philosophical Foundations
  • Developmental Psychology
  • Research Methods
  • Abnormal Psychology
  • Physiological Psychology
  • Cognitive Psychology

After finishing Regent’s BS in Psychology program, you will be able to:

  • Analyze scientific research
  • Comprehend the influence of personality on human behavior
  • Get ready for further education and career development

Potential career paths include:

  • Therapy
  • Executive management
  • Social work and human services
  • Marketing and sales
  • Healthcare fields

To enroll in the program, you must:

  • Submit an application to Regent University
  • Fill out the admissions questionnaire
  • Provide your unofficial transcripts
  • Fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) form

Regent University is among the popular military and veteran-supportive colleges in the United States. Participating in an admissions event can be a wise decision as you plan to pursue your degree. Online events will help refine your goals and calling, while addressing practical questions about the admissions process, military benefits for college, and financial assistance.

Liberty University

Online Bachelor of Science in Psychology – Developmental Psychology

If you are considering a career in child psychology or want to broaden your knowledge in the field, Liberty University’s 120-credit online bachelor’s degree in developmental psychology can guide you towards success. This program is ideal for starting your undergraduate education to become a child psychologist.

If you are already working in child psychology and wish to further your education, this program offers fresh perspectives on developmental psychology. The undergraduate psychology program focused on child development aims to shape you into an ethical and value-driven individual.

Online bachelor’s degree programs in psychology have become popular due to their flexibility, affordability, and the ability to study according to your schedule. You can complete your degree without disrupting your current lifestyle. Online students can also benefit from a convenient 8-week course format for a different pace.

Liberty University has been a pioneer in distance learning since 1985 and is dedicated to providing quality education that meets students’ needs through an accredited online degree program.

Throughout the program, you will gain a deep understanding of how psychological and environmental factors influence child development. After completing your online BS degree, you will be ready to further your education or advance your career.

George Mason University

Online BS/BA in Psychology

You can fully complete both the BA and BS in Psychology online, experiencing the same quality of coursework and instruction as in-person classes at George Mason University.

Online programs at George Mason University are created through collaboration between experienced faculty members and instructional designers. The teachers of these online programs are the same as those who teach the in-person classes, ensuring equal access to instructors and academic advising through virtual meetings and online office hours.

During the online psychology program, you will examine behavior in various contexts, such as health, child development, education, social situations, workplace, and technology use.

The Bachelor of Science (BS) in Psychology concentrates on math and science within the psychology discipline, exploring behavior related to health, well-being, child development, social situations, education, use of technology, and workplace dynamics.

On the other hand, the Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Psychology emphasizes liberal arts and general education courses. A wide range of classes covers social, abnormal, cognitive, and biopsychology, along with special topics like forensic psychology and romantic relationships.

Because of the university’s close proximity to Washington, D.C., the Department of Psychology at George Mason University actively participates in research that influences public policy and national defense.

As a BS/BA in Psychology student, you will have opportunities for research, public service, global engagement, and career preparation. Furthermore, during the program you will:

  • Collaborate closely with a faculty member on an independent research project through honors in the major.
  • Gain hands-on research experience in a faculty lab.
  • Participate in a service-learning course, applying classroom knowledge in real-life situations, such as combining an abnormal psychology class with service learning at a mental health facility.

Graduates from BA/BS in Psychology enter diverse fields and positions like human resources, data analysis, user interface design, and social media marketing.

While all students at Mason can take online courses, you can choose to be considered a Mason Online student at the time of admission, meaning you will complete your entire coursework online. This option is ideal for students needing extra flexibility in their undergraduate degrees and those wanting to attend Mason from anywhere globally.

Is It Better to Take Psychology Online or In-Person?

Deciding whether to enroll in a psychology program online or in person depends on your unique needs, learning preferences, and personal circumstances. Both options have their own set of pros and cons.

Online Psychology Programs:

  • Flexibility: Online psychology programs offer the freedom to study at your convenience and fit your educational pursuits around your other commitments.
  • Access: You can enroll in online psychology programs from anywhere, which is ideal if you live in a remote area or are unable to relocate.
  • Affordability: Studying online can be more budget-friendly, as it helps save on transportation, housing, and other expenses tied to attending in-person classes.
  • Personalized learning: Online psychology programs let you adapt your learning experience to your preferences and pace.

In-Person Psychology Programs:

  • Direct interaction: In-person psychology programs offer more opportunities for face-to-face communication with instructors and classmates, which can enrich your learning experience.
  • Networking: Attending psychology programs in-person may help you establish connections with your peers and professors, which may be beneficial for future career prospects.
  • Practical experience: In-person psychology programs may offer better opportunities for hands-on learning, such as lab work or field experiences.
  • Organized environment: In-person psychology programs may provide a more structured learning setting.

The choice should be based on your learning preferences and individual circumstances. If overall flexibility is important to you and you can effectively learn through online resources, online psychology programs might be the better option. On the other hand, if you prefer face-to-face interactions, in-person psychology programs may be a better fit.

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