Sports Psychology Schools in West Virginia

Education has never been so easy to achieve as it is today not only due to onset of online education but also with the introduction of many agencies offering student loans. You might find a lot of loan providing organizations in West Virginia to study again, so do not hold yourself back to understand sports psychology if this is what you have always dreamt of.

As a sports psychologists you could deal with athletes on personal and professional level. Athletes might seek help from you during critical situations and at times when they are unable to perform up to the mark. You could counsel them to get rid of their mental fear and recommend them with certain exercises to boost their energy level. This could be made possible only through proper learning and training.

Therefore, plan a research and list down the sports psychology schools in West Virginia to know which suits you the best. You could apply for a bachelor’s degree or a master’s program on the basis of your previous education. West Virginia University has comprehensive programs such as, Bachelor’s of Science in Sport and Exercise Psychology, Master in Sport and Exercise Psychology and PhD in Kinesiology- Sport and Exercise Psychology. A doctoral degree is one of the highest programs which you might only earn if you want to become a researcher. You might even have the opportunity to join the West Virginia Psychological Association to attend some of the important conferences related to sports psychology and present your research project. You could attain psychologist certification in West Virignia from the Association for Applied Sport Psychology after completing internship program.

On average you could earn 103,000 annually in the state of West Virginia, as of 2012 ( And by looking at expected employment rate you will know that 22% growth could be seen by 2020 in the United States (BLS). There are many nutritionists, sports doctors and physiotherapists who might require your services if you manage to show efficiency in your work and have good communication skills. The state of West Virginia has tremendous vacancies for you for instance you might join West Virginia United Health System which is one of the largest employers of the state.

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