Accredited Sports Psychology Schools and Programs in Arkansas [2024]

The state of Arkansas, located in the southern part of the US is potentially a worthwhile place to study sports psychology. College level football and baseball are the two most popularly played and followed sports in Arkansas.

As a result, investing in an education in sports psychology in Arkansas followed by a career in sports psychology might prove a beneficial option. The popularity of sports in the state could indicate a market for professional, trained and qualified sports psychologists

Sports psychology uses a collection of knowledge from areas of psychology, kinesiology, physiology and even biomechanics to understand the relationship between psychological factors and athletic performance.

Sports psychologists work with athletes in order to help them overcome performance and training related anxieties and assist in motivation and confidence building. They can also help athletes in aspects related to team building, injury and rehabilitation.

Aside from working directly with athletes, sports psychologists can also work with coaches and family members of athletes. The ideal way to go about starting a career in sports psychology is through earning a graduate level degree and eventually a PhD if you really want to boost your career potential.

Accredited Training Programs in Arkansas

Due to absence of campus-based sports psychology programs in Arkansas we have listed universities offering general psychology programs. These programs may help you in building a solid foundation of psychology and counseling concepts.

Central Baptist College

The Central Baptist College is a private liberal arts college that provides a 4 year degree in a conducive and holistic environment to nurture academic excellence. The college offers a number of behavioral science courses and degrees such as a BA in Psychology & Counseling as well as a BS in Psychology & Counseling. The program offers a comprehensive course in Sports Psychology.

Arkansas Tech University

This university offers a Master of Science in General Psychology that focuses on teaching students advanced principles of psychology through application, research and academics. To get into this program students must have earned a relevant bachelor’s degree from an accredited program while maintaining a CPGA of at least 3.0. GRE scorecard is necessary for admission.

Students must also have completed at least 18 hours of psychology studies during their undergraduate enrollment while holding onto a minimum B grade or better. Financial aid programs including the Federal Perkins Loan Programs, the Federal Direct Unsubsidized and Direct PLUS loan programs and Federal College Work-Study program are offered to eligible students.

University of Arkansas at Little Rock

The dynamic psychology department at UALR has over 600 undergraduate students enrolled that are being prepared for advanced studies and/or their new careers in psychology. There are 2 general psychology programs offered are the B.A in Psychology and the Post-Baccalaureate Degree in Psychology.

The B.A in psychology requires students to complete 34 credit hours while holding a minimum C grade or greater. Whereas the post-baccalaureate degree requires students to fulfill a minimum of 30 credit hours on residence. Financial aid is available for eligible students.

University of Central Arkansas

The department of psychology and the University of Central Arkansas has been around for many decades and has managed to develop into a diverse and comprehensive unit. It offers both undergraduate and graduate programs to students so that they could become well-rounded and successful psychologists.

At the undergraduate levels students are offered a BA or BS in general psychology with the option of picking sports psychology courses. Both undergraduate degrees require students to complete 120 hours education. A minor or another major is also required for successful completion.

Career Opportunities in Arkansas

Sports psychologists often find employment opportunities in rehabilitation centers, large sports centers, sports therapy clinics, research companies and medical facilities.

High-school, college and university teams often require the services of an on-campus sports psychologist to mentor and coach their teams.

Salary and Employment Outlook in Arkansas

Sports psychologists have the potential of earning a handsome income generally – but this depends on their marketability, level of experience and reputation. According to ZipRecruiter, as of May 2022, the average annual salary for psychologists in Arkansas is $73,900. Sports psychologist in the top ten percent earn well over $150,000 per year in Arkansas.

It is safe to assume that any state that has national sports teams and actively competes in tournaments will require the use of a sports psychologist at multiple fronts. Whether training on or off the field, a sports psychologist is required.

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