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The practice of using scientific research, reasoning and theories to understand the mind and psychology of an athlete in order to alter their performance on and off the field is called sports psychology. It is a field that has greatly gained popularity and acceptance in the global sports industry. It is theorized that by studying the emotions, psychology and mentality of athletes, sports psychologists can learn about what drives athletes and draw correlations between their psychology and athletic performance. The goal is hence to maximize or fine-tune their psychology so that they can perform better on the field.

If you are interested in the field of psychology, or more specifically, sports psychology, then you should check out accredited psychology schools in Maryland. Find a program that fits your needs and requirements and offers considerable learning. Some of the courses that you may come across during your sports psychology schooling are Chemistry, Biology, Psychology 101, Advanced Psychology, Sports, Competitive Sports, Communication Skills, Psychiatry, Rehabilitation and so on. These courses will equip you with the necessary academic experience to treat practical problems. Some programs offer case studies and demonstrations to help students grasp concepts.

With a sports psychology degree under your belt, you are likely to find job opportunities in the public or private sector. In the public sector you can be the team psychologist for various national teams or perhaps work in a government appointed hospital. In the private sector you could find work in private clinics that give consultancy to high profile athletes. Perhaps you could even start your own sports psychology clinic.

The average annual salary in Maryland is $59,000. Depending on your experience this amount may fluctuate. Good luck!

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