Accredited Sports Psychology Colleges and Programs in Hawaii [2024]

If you plan to earn a mean income of $78,843 and higher end income of over $150,000 annually by being a sports psychologist, then Hawaii is the right place as these salaries are offered to qualified psychologists in this state.

By keeping in view these figures it would be quite easy for you to make a decision to study sports psychology. All you have to do is to find some good schools or colleges which might be your first step to gain the title of sports psychologist in Hawaii.

Apart from below listed schools, University of Hawaii could be a good choice as it is one of the famous sports psychology schools in Hawaii. You could get enrolled in Master’s of Arts in Counseling Psychology with a focus on sports and athlete psychology, which is of two years and you need to have a bachelor’s degree to study this program.

For more knowledge and expertise you could earn a Doctor of Philosophy in developmental, clinical or social psychology from University of Hawaii at Manoa, which is of 4 to 6 years.

Your scores academic life might take your towards serving in industries like individual and family service, general medical hospitals, sports management firms or educational institutes such as schools, colleges and universities.

For experience you have to look for the internship programs offered by your school or get indulged in sports events happening in Hawaii or outside the state. You might get promoted to administration positions or team development. It might take you a while to actually realize your real potential.

As a sports psychologists you might be working on daily basis and according to the condition of clients. Training and qualification may allow you to counsel athletes, motivate them to perform better and research on individuals and group exercises for better results. You might choose to work as a sports coach to gain the daily life experiences and understand athletes’ psychology in a better manner.

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