Sports Psychology Schools in Illinois

For studying in sports psychology schools and colleges in Illinois you have to go through many phases to gain education and training. It is crucial to choose a degree in sports psychology to study and later work as a professional of this field. The first thing to do is to talk to an advisor who might help you in deciding which degree and course to take. You might have to research your undergraduate or graduate course options. You might also get help from an advisor in narrowing down your interest in sports psychology. This could be possible through discussing specific interest you have in this subject. It might also help the advisor to choose a proper major for you. The next thing is to choose a graduate program and elective courses.

When it comes to sports psychology schools, you might be looking for the ones that are accredited by the state. The next priority is geographical location. Obviously, this is a secondary thing to consider. After this, lay your hands on such institutes which specialize in providing professional degrees. Check the research activities that take place in these schools. At the University of Illinois there is a department of Kinesiology and community health where you could study   sports and exercise psychology. You might find institutes and schools like these all over Illinois. In this state you might understand what affects does the exercise and sports have on emotional health and cognitive conditions. In laboratories you might be given the opportunity to do research in all the undergraduate and graduate programs. Through this you might develop and learn psycho-physiological viewpoints.

When it comes to practicing in this state, you might be allowed to work without Illinois psychologists licensure. But at the same time you might have to get yourself certified by the Association for Applied Sport Psychology. The annual salary that you could earn in this state by becoming a sports psychologist is $54,000 per year, as of 2012 ( On the other hand you could be a part of health sports psychologist team whose employees reached to 4,270 in 2011 (BLS). You could get hired in sports settings, clubs, sports organizations and other local authorities. Hence, it all depends upon your education, expertise and experience.

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