Sports Psychology Colleges in South Carolina

Study Sports Psychology in South Carolina

Becoming a sports psychologist in South Carolina is easy if you properly keep a note of requirements. Due to different demand and significance, every state has set some criteria for these practitioners.

Most of the students who have opted for a sports psychologist career are completing master’s or doctoral degrees from accredited psychology schools in South Carolina. You could look for these schools offering degrees in sports and exercise psychology. It is also recommended to first consult school advisers to guide you properly in the field. Moreover, other professionals working in the field should be contacted before you go for any program.

The degree you choose in these schools might train you about various aspects of sports psychology including mental health, cognitive sciences, research and training.  With a master’s or PhD degree in sports psychology you will learn about detailed aspects of the field.

You you might also have to prepare a thesis and conduct research as per requirement of the program. Typical courses include functional anatomy, event management in sport, physiological basis of performance, stress and performance and many others.

After completing your degree you should check certification requirements in South Carolina. Currently no state has licensure requirements for becoming a sports psychologist but you might have to certify yourself by the Applied Association of Sports Psychologists.

Top employers in South Carolina are Palmetto Health Baptist employing 9,000 people and Greeville Memorial Hospital employing 7,500 people ( These healthcare settings could be looked for jobs and clinical experience could be gained here.

In South Carolina on average as a sports psychologist you can earn up to $74,764 per year. Top earners meanwhile earn well over $150,000 per year.

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