Popular Accredited Sports Psychology Schools in Alabama [Updated for 2024]

The American state of Alabama, situated in the southeastern portion of the country, is a promising location to practice sports psychology. Alabama is enthusiastic about sports, football and baseball in particular, at a college and professional level.

Sports psychology is a science that includes aspects of physiology, psychology, biomechanics, and kinesiology. The aim of the field is to improve athletic performance by training athletes to use psychological skills.

Aside from working with the athletes themselves, sports psychologists can work with parents of athletes as well as their coaches. Rehabilitation, injury, team building, communication and career transitions are all aspects that a sports psychologist may be involved with.

An undergraduate degree in a sports psychology or relevant field followed by a graduate degree may lead towards a career as a professional in sports psychology. A Masters or PhD in sports psychology is the ideal path towards to becoming a practicing and professional sports psychologist.

Sports Psychology Training Programs

University of Rockies

This university offers an online MS in psychology with a focus on sport and performance psychology. It gives students a well-rounded approach to how sports psychologists can add value to the careers of athletes. A prior undergraduate degree in a related discipline is necessary for enrolling into this program.

Related Training Programs

Alabama State University

The Alabama State University offers a comprehensive bachelor’s in general psychology which is a great option for students who are looking to get introduced to the field of psychology. This is a crucial stage where the basics of psychology are developed – and this is recognized by the teaching methodology at Alabama State University. The university also offers an accelerated BS degree in general psychology which can be completed in 1 year.

The university understands the financial stress associated with tuition and other fees and therefore offers an array of financial aid options to eligible students. A high-school diploma indicating successful completion and SAT scores are the general requirements for admission into the undergraduate programs at Alabama State University.

University of South Alabama

The department of psychology at the University of South Alabama offers a multitude of undergraduate courses for preparing students who wish to pursue psychology at a professional level.

To earn a major is psychology students must complete at least 38 semester hours. At the graduate level the university offers an MS in Psychology: Behavioral and Brain Sciences emphasis as well as a Doctorate that focuses on Clinical and Counseling Psychology.

The University of Alabama understands the financial stress and costs associated with tertiary education and therefore provides multiple financial aid options to make high quality education more affordable. These options include student loans, grants, work study options and scholarships.

Athens State University

The psychology department at the Athens State University is committed to providing quality education to young and budding psychologists. The department offers 2 unique undergraduate general psychology programs including a BA in Psychology as well as a BS in Psychology.

At the university, the Bachelors of Art degree helps students develop a strong understanding of psychology so as to prepare them for advanced graduate degrees. On the other hand, the Bachelor of Science Psychology degree is prepares students to face the practical work life as they begin their employment in Psychology related jobs. The university offers financial aid options to deserving students.

Career Opportunities in Alabama

Sports psychologists can either work alone by way of private practice or they could work in a rehabilitation center where sports medicine and therapies are provided.

Private research companies can also require the services of a sports psychologists when it comes to developing new techniques or methodologies in sports therapy. Universities, colleges as well as national sports teams make full use of the expertise of sports psychologists as well.

Salary and Employment Outlook in Alabama

As of October 2023, according to indeed.com, qualified and experienced sports psychologists can earn an average of $156,000 annually in Alabama. The earning potential of a sports psychologist depends on their academic qualifications and experience, among other things.

According to the BLS the employment growth in psychologist occupations in general is around 6% forecasted during the period of 2022 to 2033. Given the increasing demand for competitive sports, the future for sports psychologists looks good.

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