Sports Psychology Colleges in Tennessee

It is a fact that studying sports psychology in Tennessee is only possible if you go for accredited psychology schools. These schools have been known for giving graduate degrees to prospective students. Many students graduate from these colleges every year where they earn degrees in in sports psychology. If you want to proceed in this career then you could either look for master’s degree or doctoral degree. Doctoral level degrees mostly offer specializations which you could do in applied psychology, clinical psychologysports psychology.

Normally a master’s degree takes around 2 years and doctoral degrees take 4 years to complete. Most schools have semester systems and as much as 6 courses could be taken per semester. The courses roughly by name offered in these programs are diet and nutrition, functional anatomy, sports tourism, group dynamics, physiological aspects of performance etc. You might have to pay an annual fee of up to $17,000 per year.  After completing your degree you might also need to apply for a license and certification. Certification requires certain number of hours of training within the field.

As far as job prospect is concerned,  there were around 1,150 people employed as psychologists in Tennessee in 2011. On the other hand, there is an expected growth of 8% till the year 2018 (BLS). With a good employment rate you might find jobs relatively easily. The salary that you might earn in this state is $46,000 per annum on average (

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