Sports Psychology Colleges in Nebraska [2024]

The use of psychology and kinesiology to alter athletic performance is called sports psychology. The primary objective of every sports psychologist is to improve an athlete’s mental conditioning and attitude so that they can perform well on the field during competitive and high pressure games.

By using the sciences, these professionals gain an understanding of the athlete’s mind, emotions and psychology that are linked with their output on the field.

In some cases, a sports psychologist may have to treat an athlete’s low level of confidence, anxiety, stress and so on that may be hindering their output on the field.

When stressed or uncertain, an athlete may react slower than usual, may face a decrease in physical output or may make the wrong calls. This is not uncommon as competitive sports are mentally and physically taxing. This is where a sports psychologist’s expertise comes into the picture.

By tackling these issues, a qualified sports psychologist seeks to rid these hurdles for the athletes by mentally training and conditioning them, hence allowing them to utilize their full potential.

If the above scenario appeals to you and your line of work then you should seek formal education. If you live in our around the State of Nebraska, then you should research various psychology schools offering degrees in sports psychology. The learning and training you will receive during your schooling may prove extremely useful in your career.

You may find employment opportunities in the private sector by working at private clinics or perhaps starting your own. In other areas you may find opportunities with national sports teams by working with high profile clients.

The teaching sector is also a viable option. As of January 2024, according to ZipRecruiter the average annual salary for sports psychologists in Nebraska is $89,702. While professionals in the top bracket earn over $170,000 per year.

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