Sports Psychology Schools in Rhode Island

To become a sports psychologist in Rhode Island is not difficult if you carefully follow the steps needed to become one. In Rhode Island, the first thing to know is how much demand is there for sports psychologists. Perhaps this might ease your anxiety of pursuing a career in this field. Currently in Rhode Island, there are two professional sports teams which are a part of leagues. One is Pawtucket Red Sox baseball team and the other is Providence Bruins ice hockey team. Because of a strong reliance on sports and athletes, sports practitioners might have a good demand in this state. Other places where sports psychologists might easily get employed are educational institutes where one can work as a tutor or a trainer. In 2011, there were around 540 people employed as clinical and counseling psychologists in Rhode Island (BLS).

Now you know the significance of sports psychology field in this state. The next step is to find where to get formal education. There are many psychology schools in Rhode Island which offer degrees in sports psychology. University of Rhode Island, Rhode Island College, Johnson & Wales University and many other educational institutes could be looked for completing a bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degree in sports or exercise psychology. The courses that your degree might include are alternative to inverted-u theory, arousal energizing strategies, conceptual models for studying imagery, attention narrowing etc. You might have to get yourself certified through the Association of Applied Sport Psychology. By becoming certified you might become more significant and many individuals might avail counseling services from you.

After this, you could start looking for work in different settings. The pay that you might receive in this state is more or less $54,000 per year, as of 2012 (

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