Sports Psychology Colleges in Connecticut

The northeastern state of Connecticut, third smallest state of the US, is a favorable place to study and eventually practice sports psychology. Sports and sporting events are given great significance in the state of Connecticut. Investing in an education leading to a career in sports psychology is therefore a potentially lucrative option for students since professional and non-professional sports are regarded as important in Connecticut.

Sports psychology views how participation and performance in exercise and sports affect physical and psychological factors and vice versa. It is an amalgamation of fields including kinesiology, physiology and psychology, to name a few. An athlete can benefit greatly, mentally as well as physically from working with a sports psychologist.

An undergraduate degree in psychology, or even other relevant fields, followed by a Masters or PhD in sports psychology is the usual path towards becoming a professional sports psychologist. Education and other academic qualifications are key components for success in this industry.

Sports Psychology Training Programs

Sacred Heart University

The psychology department at the Sacred Heart University thoroughly prepares students for either graduate studies or employment opportunities while considering the sports industry dynamics. The psychology programs offered include a bachelor’s degree with psychology being the major. The required courses for this program total 38 credits.

Students also have the option of a Master of Science in Applied Psychology. Sports psychology as an elective course is also available which is conducted by experts in the field. The option of financial assistance is available for qualified students.

Southern Connecticut State University

This university has nearly 3,000 students enrolled in various graduate programs. In the field of sports psychology, Southern Connecticut State University has a lot to offer. The graduate level has 3 programs each with a unique focus.

There is a program with a sports psychology concentration that includes 33 credits of coursework to cover various topics such as psychology, counseling and school psychology, and exercise science. Students have the option to submit a thesis towards the end or appear for a comprehensive exam.

Another option students have is an MS in Human Performance. This program may complement a background in Sports Psychology. Prerequisites to this program include a bachelor’s degree with a CGPA of 3.0 minimum as well as a GRE result.

Yet another graduate program option includes an MS in Exercise Science with a focus on Human Performance. This program sheds light on motor learning, sports psychology and exercise physiology.

Connecticut College

Connecticut College offers a solid psychology program that trains students in various aspects such as social, clinical, research and experimental psychology. It is a great program for foundation building and may offer internship opportunities to deserving students. With more than 35 courses to offer including Sport and Exercise Psychology, this psychology degree has a lot of value.

Some of the graduation requirements include completing 128 credits while maintaining a C grade average or better. The college has multiple financial aid options to reduce the financial burden for students.

University of Hartford

The University of Hartford offers a BA in general Psychology with the option of majoring in sport psychology. Many courses in this program can complement the field of sport psychology in general. The degree program requires students to complete a total of 36 credits while maintaining a GPA of 2.25. Financial aid programs are available for qualified students.

Career Opportunities in Connecticut

Sports psychologists frequently find jobs in the athletic and sports department of schools, colleges and universities since each has a number of active sports teams. Many sports psychologists chose to open up their own private practice as well.

Salary and Employment Outlook in Connecticut

Sports psychologists have the potential to earn a handsome salary in Connecticut. This can be seen by the average annual salary earned by sports psychologists in Connecticut which is $177,000 ( – 2014).

There are quite a few sports teams at the national, school, district and college level that actively participate in competitive sports. Also, according to employment growth estimates by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, by 2022 roughly 18,700 new jobs would be created for psychologists in general.

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