Accredited Sports Psychology Graduate Programs in Colorado [2024 Guide]

Study Sports Psychology in Colorado

The state of Colorado, located in the western portion of the US, is a worthwhile place to study sports psychology. Football, rugby, basketball and baseball and all sports that are played and followed enthusiastically in the state of Colorado.

Sports played on a college level are also quite popular in the state. As a result, studying and eventually even practicing sports psychology in Colorado is a viable option for students interested in the field.

Sports psychology is a combination of various related fields such as psychology, physiology, kinesiology and biomechanics. Sports psychologists work with athletes, coaches and parents of athletes with the aim to improve performance and understand the connection between physical performance and psychological factors.

An undergraduate degree in a relevant field such as psychology or kinesiology followed by a more specialized graduate degree is a good starting point. A Masters or PhD in sports psychology is usually the final qualification before being eligible to practice as a professional sports psychologist in Colorado

Sports Psychology Programs in Colorado

Listed below are some of the popular schools offering sports psychology programs in Colorado:

  • University of Denver
  • Capella University
  • University of the Rockies
  • Grand Canyon University
  • Adams State University
  • Western Colorado University

University of Denver

The University of Denver’s psychology department is well known for its unique methodology in providing training and education to students. It has offered an exciting new graduate level program only recently which is the Master of Arts in Sports and Performance Psychology which is a great program for anyone wanting to start a career in sports psychology.

This is an extremely comprehensive program that has only one goal which is to make highly skilled and qualified sports psychologists that add value to the industry.

The program is based over 2 years and involves a master’s project towards the end of it. Students can work in groups or individually for this mater’s project which carries high value. Eligible students have the option to apply for financial aid.

University of the Rockies

The graduate school at the University of the Rockies has a positive track record in the social and behavior sciences departments and has a number of psychology and related programs to offer.

The university offers a comprehensive Master of Arts in Psychology where students can specialize in sports and performance psychology.

This graduate degree is a great option for students looking to kick-start their careers in sports psychology. To successfully earn this degree students need to maintain a GPA of 3.0 across a total of 39 credits. At the end of the program students must clear a comprehensive exam.

Adams State University

The Psychology department at Adams State University not only aims at providing quality education to students, but also gives them the opportunity to gain practical experience that matters.

The university offers students a BA in Sport Psychology which is a combination of Human Performance & Physical Education with the principles of psychology.

This is a great program for students looking to create a solid foundation in sport psychology. To get into this program students need to provide their official high-school certification along with ACT and/or SAT scores.

To successfully earn the degree students must complete 120 academic hours of credit and maintain a scholastic average of minimum 2.0.

Sports Psychology Career Opportunities in Colorado

Competitive sports is taken quite seriously in Colorado and this can be seen by the number of active professional and amateur level sporting events and teams.

As a qualified sports psychologist you may be able to help these teams either at rehabilitation centers, fitness centers, sports therapy programs, academic institutes or national sports centers.

You may also partner up with research companies to develop new theories and applications for sports psychology.

Salary and Employment Outlook in Colorado

According to sources the average annual salary for sports psychologists in Colorado is $108,587. Senior level sports psychologists in Colorado typically earn over $130,000 pear year.

Private sector salaries may be considerably higher which depend on your market reputation, clientele and level of experience.

As stated earlier, competitive sports at the national and amateur level are quite popular in Colorado and the demand for a qualified sports psychologist is usually positive so as to mentally and physically prepare athletes to deliver their 100% during events. According to forecasts by the BLS, the expected change in employment for psychologists in general by 2031 is a positive 6%.

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