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Being the 9th most extensive state of US, Oregon has major economic concentrations in agriculture, technology and tourism. While tourism is most common way of bringing in people from different states and countries, it is also a way to raise economy of a country or state.

Relating to the professional careers which exist in this state, sports psychology profession is one which is highly significant here. The reason is ever increasing dependence on sports. With national teams, like Portland Trail Blazers and Portland, there are many opportunities for sports psychologists find rewarding jobs here. Other than this, there are teams representing universities like University of Oregon Ducks from state university and many more. You could even get employed by becoming a teacher, a sports manager or administrator, advisor, trainer and even a coach.

You could work as a sports psychologist for national teams and leagues once you acquire formal education from sports psychology schools. There are both master’s and doctoral programs available which you could acquire. Some colleges also offer bachelor’s degree in exercise and sports psychology. Along the program you might have to conduct research and training as well as prepare a thesis. You might have to cover courses including epidemiologic methods, biomedical ethics, health psychology, special topics: physical activity epidemiology and more. Other than this, there are special practice labs where you might be given training. You must know that doctoral programs are very competitive and fewer students are admitted every year.  So for admission in these, you might have to work hard. Doctoral programs normally take four years.

According to BLS, in Oregon there were around 1,320 people employed as counseling psychologists, in 2011.  As far as salary is concerned, you might earn as much as $51,000 per annum (

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