Industrial and Organizational Psychology Degrees

In psychological terms, industrial and organizational psychology might seem to be a diverse concept. Individuals in this field of psychology are required to provide necessary up-to-date information and guidance on organizational affairs. Basically, it is the planning process that might be a plus point for an industrial and organizational psychologist. In order to become one, you might need a bachelor’s degree as it is a minimum requirement in many states. It is up to the candidate to either opt for an online degree or a traditional one.

Bachelor’s Degree

A bachelor’s degree might provide the candidate with a great deal of leverage in pursuing the career of industrial or organizational psychologist. For this purpose, a lot of universities and colleges are providing bachelor’s degrees to adapt to this growing field. Graduate degree programs in industrial and organizational psychology are very competitive. You may need a first-class grade from your undergraduate program and prominent testimonials while applying for a graduate degree in industrial and organizational psychology. These two-year graduate degrees might help in opening up career opportunities by providing students with the abilities that they might require for them to become an asset to any business or organization. The course duration however varies from state to state and school to school.

Master’s Degree Programs

After receiving a bachelor’s degree in general psychology, one might typically enroll in Master of Arts (M.A.) or Master of Science (M.Sc.) programs in industrial organizational psychology or an associated field such as organizational development or human resource management. One might have the door opened to various opportunities upon the completion of a master’s degree in industrial/organizational psychology (I/O psychology).

Doctoral Degree Program

A doctoral degree program might be a great boost for becoming an industrial and organizational psychologist. Usually, it is a four to five year program, and might prove quite helpful in attaining a higher income. On the completion of a doctoral program,  candidates will have the choice of  a variety of options for advancement of their careers in the field of industrial/organizational psychology.

Career Outlook

After completing your degree you will have a variety of career choices available on the market. Undergraduate degree holders typically work within the human resources field in companies. As an industrial and organizational psychologist, one will be required to apply psychological principles to his/her workplace. This will help in creating a meaningful impact in the adjustment of organizational regulations. I/O psychology professionals assist employees by enhancing their productive needs.


The Occupational Outlook Handbook by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics suggests that the yearly income earned by the industrial and organizational psychologists was more or less $94,720. There might be a variation in the actual amount depending upon a variety of factors within.

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