Applied Psychology Degree Programs

Applied psychology covers multiple fields of psychology and the application of psychological principles to issues related to almost all fields of human function in present day such as production, marketing and even education. Problems can be overcome in areas like ergonomics, mental health, business management, product design, health, education law among others.

Applied psychology is the methodical approach by which psychological theories and techniques are used to deal with various issues. In the research arena, applied psychology is specially targeted towards understanding and rectifying issues faced by individuals.

Types of Degrees

A bachelor’s degree in applied psychology can be attained in Arts or Sciences. In a Bachelors of Arts program one learns about the psychological perspectives related to organizations, societies and their interaction. In a Bachelor of Science program applied psychology concentration focuses on the health perspective. Students learning at the bachelor level study aspects such as personalities, behaviors, thoughts, emotions, cognition beliefs, and spirituality.


- Cognitive psychology
Abnormal psychology
Child and adolescent psychology
Gender psychology
Personality Psychology
Social psychology
Organizational psychology
Forensic psychology
Psychology of trauma

An applied psychology master’s degree enables one to be able to utilize psychological doctrine to solve particular issues in various situations. In a master’s program focus is put on evaluation research, community psychology, health psychology, counseling psychology and industrial and organizational psychology.


- Group counseling theories
– Psychopathology
– Personality theory
– Human relations
– Developmental psychology
– Behavioral science statistics
– Behavioral assessment techniques
– Family therapy
– Motivation and leadership
– Ethical and legal issues in applied psychology

Career Opportunities

Forensic psychology is the application of psychological concepts by applied psychologists to aid law enforcement officials. Fields of profession in forensic psychology include:

- Trial consultant
– Substance abuse counselor
– Case manager
– Mental health
– Victim advocate

Industrial organizational psychology is another career in which applied psychology principles are implemented. In the field of human resources applied psychologists analyze the relation between human resources and the work environment in order to motivate, educate and maintain human resources.

In the profession of sports psychology, applied psychology is used for the purpose of enhancing athlete performance. This can include advising coaches and trainers or engaging in private consultation with various sport related individuals.


The median salary for applied psychologists in the United Sates of America as of 2012 is recorded to be $82,877. As new perspectives and venues in applied psychology are being discovered and are implemented to improve social human interaction their will be a relative rise in the demand for applied psychologists.

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