Child Developmental Psychology Degree Programs

To be a psychologist, one might be required to deal with all the groups and individuals as well as all fields of psychology i.e. social psychology, child development, personality psychology, cognitive psychology and memory. For this purpose, good communications, interpretation of data as well as skills of research play a pivotal role in becoming a psychologist.

It is not an easy task to become a child psychologist, and may require years of practice. Nevertheless, once you become one, you might be able to know that it is probably among the list of the fruitful careers.

Types of Degrees

To pursue a probable career as a psychologist, you might need to have a master’s degree as a minimum requirement.  It might be a plus point for getting better chances, if you are able to achieve a doctorate degree. It mostly depends upon the state or country you are residing in. You might also opt for an online degree, as it is the one in demand today and might sound more feasible as compared to campus based education.

There are rare opportunities for achieving a bachelor’s degree in child psychology. On the other hand, there might be possibilities available for a doctoral and master level degree programs. It all depends upon the state you reside as well as the type of doctoral programs you are enrolled in. On completion, students might be required to perform as teaching assistants or rather do a research.

Master’s Degree Programs

As the Bureau of Labor Statistics suggests, earning a master’s degree might be able to help you out to be assistants to practicing psychologists. In some states, a masters-level licensure might be offered to psychologists.

In order to take admission in a master’s degree program, the candidate might be required to have an undergraduate degree in psychology or rather a relevant field. The courses offered to the students might comprise of subjects such as human development, neuroscience and statistics. Also, the credits regarding child psychology might be offered to the students, in case such courses are offered.

Doctoral Degree Programs

In order to become a child psychologist, a degree in PHD might be considered as one of the most important elements. Based on an original research, the candidate might be asked for writing a dissertation. More or less, one year might be required in the program of post-doctoral clinical training. This way, you might also be able to take part in the research studies as well as the trials. Also, you may gain a better knowledge regarding the interaction with the children in an effective manner.

Career Outlook

The purpose of child psychologists is to assist juvenile customers with the problems of mental health, behavior issues and developmental disorders. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics suggests that over the next several years, the field of psychology is anticipated to go strong further.


Speaking in the monetary terms, it is a career that aims to provide a good amount of money, at the same time helping the helpless and the vulnerable. The most valuable asset for any psychologist is the behavior and curiosity regarding the nature of mankind. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics states that in May 2011, average pay for psychologists was over $72,226 annually.

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