What Can You Do With a Bachelor of Arts (BA) Psychology Degree?

The Basics

A bachelor’s degree in psychology can provide you with the skills and tools needed to eventually enter the field. In other words, a bachelor’s degree is the first step in becoming a psychologist, but a master’s degree, doctorate and licensure/certification is also needed before you can officially practice as a psychologist.

Thankfully, there are a variety of entry-level jobs available for those who only have a bachelor’s degree in psychology. Some employers actually prefer candidates that have an undergraduate background in psychology because it provides the employee with a wealth of psychological knowledge.

Moreover, a bachelor’s degree in psychology not only prepares you for a multitude of careers (research, education, sales, justice system, human resources, private practice, etc.), it also offers valuable tools that you can use to accurately examine and assess various people and situations, which is an asset at any job.

Undergraduate programs in psychology typically focus on psychological theories, methods, and history. These programs take approximately four years to complete. Other courses that you may take include: lifespan development, statistics, mathematics, English, science, human development, abnormal psychology and sociology.

So what can you do with a Bachelor of Arts (BA) psychology degree? Well, the answer is “a lot.” This article will help you determine which path is best for you.

What are the Bachelor of Arts Psychology Careers?

Human Resources Executive

Human resource executives play a significant role in all companies, businesses and organizations (small, medium and large). A bachelor’s degree in psychology may provide you with the tools needed to effectively manage employee relations, organize company functions, communicate with customers and clients and train new employees.

To be successful in this career you will need a strong understanding of how the mind influences behaviors, especially in the workplace. You will also need strong organizational, communication and people skills.

Market Research Analyst

When a company devises new products or services for the marketplace, they hire a market research analyst to help them determine what the buying public is interested in as well as how to price their products and services. Market research analysts determine this information by examining data collected from a variety of sources. For example, an analyst might devise a questionnaire for consumers and use the responses to determine the level of interest in a specific product or service. Likewise, an analyst might keep tabs on current market conditions to help inform companies of the ideal timing to release their products.

Probation Officer

You may pursue a career with the criminal court system as a probation officer. A psychology degree program teaches you how to effectively work with prison inmates, those who have recently been paroled and probation violators. Your bachelor’s degree will not only provide you with the skills needed to supervise those who have been court-ordered to attend treatment programs or parenting classes, it will also provide you with the tools needed to effectively interact with the court system.

Moreover, if you decide to pursue this career path, you may be required to develop rehabilitation plans for those under your supervision. Employers may hire you because of your in-depth understanding of the mind and human behaviors. Furthermore, to serve in this capacity, you may be required to take a psychological assessment and/or a physical exam.


Another career path you can venture into with a bachelor’s degree in psychology is training. This degree will provide you with the skills needed to help companies, businesses and organizations understand how their employees, clients and customers think, feel and behave.

With a bachelor’s degree in psychology, you are able to develop training modules for employees, teach employees how to reframe negative thoughts and behaviors, increase employee productivity and improve employee quality. You are also able to help employees understand the relationship between the company’s mission, value and objectives and their part in the company’s success.

Social Worker

You can use your bachelor’s degree in psychology to enter the world of social work. The knowledge you obtained may help you examine how social factors influence human emotions, thoughts, beliefs, opinions and behaviors. If you decide to pursue this career, you will not only need a strong understanding of human motivations, you will also need good communication and social skills and a good sense of what others need (resources).

Sales Representative

If you consider yourself a “good salesperson,” then you may want to use your bachelor-level degree in psychology to enter the sales industry as a sales representative. The good news about this industry is that there are numerous jobs (retail, insurance, automotive, financial services, etc.) available. Your psychology background will help you gauge a customer’s or client’s mindset and preferences so that you can offer him/her products that he/she wants and/or needs.

Your psychological expertise will also help you identify sales objectives and offer suggestions on how to enhance or alter the products so they are more appealing to target groups. To be successful in this career, you will need to be able to communicate with a variety of people and effectively manage challenging, difficult and/or stressful situations. This is where your background in psychology will be most useful.

School Teacher

Lastly, you can use your bachelor’s degree in psychology to become an educator. Although you will not be able to teach at the college level, you may be able to teach elementary, middle and high school – provided you get a teaching license. Your psychology background may help you identify students who are experiencing psychological distress, either at home or at school. It will also provide you with valuable insight into the students’ learning styles and preferences.

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