Personality Psychologist Career Guide

Career Overview

Personality psychologists study the characteristics and traits that distinguish an individual. These factors can be cultural, conditional and situational and they may be common or specific to each person in a given environment. They have to consider the rationality behind certain actions of individuals, as well as identifying aspects in an individual’s personality that makes them unique.

Every person has a unique perspective about their own different states of affair. In each situation, each person will act or react uniquely. Understanding, interpreting and discovering the mental health development of each individual as a unique human being is what entails a personality psychologist career. They measure the responses, attitudes and emotions which arise in a person during diverse circumstances. They have to be able to judge the level of logic, influence of opinion and other social factors that affect a person’s mind frame.

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Job Outlook

As researchers, personality psychologists do not limit themselves to humans but also attempt to test animal behavior to evaluate the functions of instincts and various self preservation mechanisms. As professional researchers, they attempt to discover new mannerisms and identify personalities along with responses. They have proven to be very vital in advising and informing various government institutions about the factors resulting in the development of a person’s personality.

Furthermore, they can advise different organizations to adopt effective strategies for the mental development of various individuals, as well as which policies would encourage or discourage an individuals’ actions. As personality psychologists have to be knowledgeable about people’s characteristics, they might help design goods to be more suitable for the intended users. They could even engage in improving the marketing modes to motivate target consumers to purchase certain goods or services.


The annual salary earned by a personality psychologist was calculated to be $69,000 in 2012 (

Educational Requirements

In order to become a personality psychologist one studies how to evaluate the unique aspects of a person, and how to identify one’s temperament and traits. With a bachelor’s degree in psychology students learn fundamental concepts of mental functioning related to the biochemistry of mind. They must also gain knowledge about various concepts of the development of human nature in relation to physical needs and desires.

An understanding of the evolutionary process of human kind is included in the coursework. In a master’s program, personality psychology is studied in-depth and focuses on the development of human personalities in relation to certain environments. The effects of various regulations, such as peer pressure, personal experiences and culture on personality development are also covered. A doctorate program in personality psychology requires students to research and comprehend the effects of belief systems, economic circumstances and prevailing philosophy that distinguishes personality traits.

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