How to Become a Spiritual Counselor


Many people feel very strongly about their spiritual beliefs. If you have a strong desire to help people, Spiritual Counseling may be a good niche for you. Spiritual counseling is a very special kind of counseling that focuses on one’s spiritual side. Those going through a spiritual crisis may find great solace in working with a Spiritual Counselor who can help blend the mind, body and soul.

Spiritual Counselors may follow a certain religious path or they may be non-denominational. A denominational counselor may follow one specific path like Christianity or Buddhism, specializing in certain beliefs while a non-denominational counselor may could help anyone of any faith.

Some schools of thought even believe that Spiritual Counseling transcends certain religious beliefs and that spirituality helps someone look within. Spirituality is becoming more and more an important part of people’s lives, especially with those that do not have a desire to be limited by a specific religious practice. Spirituality is difficult to define, but if you had to define it you might say spirituality has to do with one’s deep feelings and beliefs, including one’s sense of peace, purpose, connection to others and beliefs about the meaning of life.

What Does a Spiritual Counselor Do?

Spiritual Counselors guide people on all kinds of matters, regardless of whether the matters are spiritual in nature or not. They may help someone overcome depression or anxiety or they may assist people on more spiritual matters or spiritual based problems. The work will vary depending on the individual client. While some clients may have a desire to expand their spiritual beliefs others may simply want to work with someone who is unbiased in their belief system. Those that grow up with a very specific or rigid belief system may find that as they grow older, they have a desire to expand their beliefs outside of a specific realm and a Spiritual Counselor might just be the perfect person that can help them do that.

A Spiritual Counselor specializes in helping someone reach a state of awareness or self-realization. They help motivate and inspire people so that people understand they are unique and special with their own strengths and abilities.

Education Requirements

While there are no specific educational requirements in order to become a Spiritual Counselor, many counselors have bachelor’s degrees, master’s degrees and have even done PhD or Doctoral work. Many Spiritual Counselors earn degrees in areas like counseling, theology, various religious studies or even psychology or social work. In order to become a Spiritual Counselor, it is important to have a good idea of what your specific spiritual beliefs are. Many people in the field have spent years pursuing their spiritual beliefs and they might find themselves drawn to sharing their varied knowledge with people in need.

Programs such as the American Institute of Health Care Professionals offer a Spiritual Counseling Certification but there are many other ways to become certified such as online courses where you can receive a certification.

Duties of a Spiritual Counselor

The duties of a Spiritual Counselor are wide-ranging. They may simply sit and pray with someone or they may help someone rediscover their spiritual or even religious beliefs.

Spiritual Counselors can help people in many ways. They might help someone with a personal dream or a vision, help someone learn to focus and center themselves so they can meditate, they might help someone access their higher self or higher power or they might even help someone revisit the past or connect to spirit.

Spiritual Counselors can play many roles and they can help someone overcome various thoughts, fears and beliefs. Spiritual Counseling can be beneficial to anyone, because it is a very personal process that can help someone change their life.

Salary and Job Outlook

Although there is no specific salary information for a Spiritual Counselors positions like a Mental Health Counselor earn on average around $42,590, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics survey in 2011. The salary range in the field will vary but for those who wish to pursue the practice, the rewards go way beyond financial.

Spiritual Counseling can be a very rewarding field for anyone with a kind heart and a desire to help people. It is a very rewarding field that can help people come in contact with their higher awareness. As a Spiritual Counselor you can help someone heal emotional scars, define their emotional energy, help them overcome insecurities or even help them redefine personal beliefs and values.

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