Conflict Resolution Degree Programs

It is said that conflict is inevitable and one cannot help avoiding it. The ability to overcome conflict perhaps needs a much broader approach than the normal. For this purpose, one might pursue the career of conflict management. Specialists who might be required to solve problems of conflict are classified as conciliators, mediators and arbitrators. There is also the option of an online degree in the study of conflict resolution.

Types of Degrees

To pursue your desired career as a psychologist, you need to have a master’s degree as a minimum requirement.  It may significantly improve your chances and options if you can achieve a doctorate degree. It mostly depends upon the state or country you are residing in. You might also opt for an online degree, an option that is in great demand today and might sound more feasible when compared to campus-based education.

The level and standard of education received is perhaps the most important factor in determining prospects for conciliators, mediators and arbitrators.

Master’s Degree Programs

You may do a two-year master’s degree in the field of conflict resolution. A graduate degree may also be awarded depending upon the regulations of the state or country you currently reside in. The purpose of the program is to provide students with cognition and strategies on how to eradicate the possible root cause of the conflict under study. What role may be played by young students? The master’s program might enable the students to solve various conflicts and to make effective strategies for future prevention.

Doctorate Degree Programs

For further advancement in this career field, the candidate might consider a doctorate degree in conflict resolution. Usually, it is a four or five year program. Mediators having a law degree or a master’s in public policy might also have an advantage in this kind of career. Mostly it is up to the regulations of the state or country or up to the demands of the employer.

Career Outlook

In order to work in an effective manner and resolve disputes between the parties, the roles of mediators, conciliators and arbitrators come into play. Professionals in conflict resolution make use of tools and techniques which provide various alternative approaches towards resolution of the conflict. Professionals in conflict resolution might get employment in diverse sectors and industries. Specialization in mediation and conflict resolution leads to a significant chance of being  involved in  judicial proceedings in the courtroom.


Due to the high rates of retention, there might be a relatively low number of opportunities, but this does not that you can no longer work in this field. Multiple certifications might help a great deal in this regard.  The US Bureau of Labor Statistics indicates that as of May 2010, the annual median salary for professionals in conflict resolution was $91,880.

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