Vocational Psychology Degree Programs

Vocational psychology deals with the analysis and interpretation of the relationship that exists between life and work. It is engaged in the attempt to discover and analyze individuals in relation to certain professions. It is a sub-field of psychology that studies the various factors regarding the traits of people and the appropriate aptitude and interests that are needed in a specific profession. Vocational psychologists uncover the traits that make a person vocationally significant. These traits would include both the physical and mental components.



Vocational psychologists are responsible for the identification of the interests and abilities of a prospective employee. They are effective in being able to assess the skills of individuals. They also guide them towards their employment for the job position at which they are suited. They match the traits with the results, which include profitability. Vocational psychologists are highly knowledgeable about the abilities and skills that will be needed by an employee for a specific designation. In addition, they can also help employees who are struggling within a professional environment. They conduct tests that are useful in the evaluation of prospective employees. They also provide support to individuals who are about to undergo a significant transition in their professional life.

Degree Programs

Bachelor’s Degree

One of the basic requirements in vocational psychology would be having a bachelor’s degree in psychology. Upon completing such, you will be eligible to pursue master’s degree. Some of the courses that will be covered during the bachelor’s degree would include educational statistics, which will prove to be useful in the field of research and measurement. A study at this level will give you orientation and coherent knowledge on the concepts and theories about this field. You will also be studying human development and its relationship with early childhood education. The effects and causes of motivation to hope for the best will also be covered at this educational level.

Master Degree

To be provided with a more extensive understanding of this field of psychology, you should take a master’s degree. In this level, you will learn social psychology and industrial organizational psychology. You will learn how to evaluate education, knowledge and ability, and other behaviors that are influential of the ability of an individual to perform in a professional manner.

Career Opportunities

Statistics have shown that the individuals who have pursued formal education in this field will have a bright future. In fact, it has been noted that there will be up to 14% increase in the employment opportunities for psychologists till 2028. They can work in vocational rehabilitation centers. The likelihood that you will earn a higher salary and land at a better employment opportunity will increased f you have higher level of education and an extensive practical experience in relation to such profession.

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