Research Psychology Degree Programs

Research psychology is generally all about the use of experimental techniques for the purpose of scientifically testing the various aspects of the human mind and behavior. This is a field of psychology that is engaged in the analysis and examination of the way an individual thinks, feels, acts, and learns. This is also involved in the measurement of the ability and stamina of an individual. Professionals who are involved in this field are required to identify the different factors that motivate individuals to behave differently. In order to apply in this field you need to have the educational background necessary and an in-depth understanding.


Research psychologists are equipped with the ability to assess the human mind and to determine the processes by which individuals are able to learn. Their examination of the human mind includes its ability to remember certain incidents in life and forget the others, especially the mishaps. Their research is also focused in the investigation of the effects of external stimuli on the mind. This will also include the discovery of the stimulus that results in specific outcomes, such as a particular behavior or activity. Through the use of various procedures and techniques, research psychologists are able to carry out their experiments in controlled environments.

Doctorate Degree

To be able to have an extensive knowledge in this branch of psychology, and to be provided with competitive employment opportunities, you can consider taking up a doctorate degree in this field. Having a PhD in research psychology may provide you with the opportunity to fully understand the cognitive development of the human brain. More so, this may allow you to complete research works that will examine the behavioral aspects of individuals. You may also learn about the concepts of diversified thinking with relation to aging. More so, you may become familiar with mathematical models that can be used for the assessment of mental abilities.

Under this program, you may gain conceptual clarifications on the research techniques that are used for the analysis of the mental changes that occur as a consequence of human development. You will also have an orientation on the impacts created by life experiences of individuals. Some of the subjects that will be taken in the doctoral program would include:

– Advanced Experimental Psychology
– Statistical Analysis in Research Design
– Statistical Methods in Psychology
– Experimental Design and Statistical Tests

Career Opportunities

Research psychologists can be employed in clinics and universities. More so, they can also be funded by various organizations to carry out research, investigate, and discover the different theories that are related to a specific group of subjects. They can be given grants to allow them to publish their works in scholarly journals and other types of academic publications.

They can also work in the commercial sector, wherein they will be responsible for determining the effects of a product on ka group of customers. Their research can prove to be valuable in helping organizations to design and modify their products, such as making them more user-friendly. They can also help in designing advertising strategies that will capture the attention of the target market.

Within the government sector, the career opportunities for research psychologists would include carrying out studies with regards to the social issues and how they can be addressed by the concerned authorities.

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