Psychology Careers in Indiana

Indiana is the 15th most populous state of United States. It has vast territorial plains and mountainous regions making it one of the most beautiful places to settle in. It borders with several states including Michigan, Ohio and Illinois and it is also considered among the 8th states making up the Great Lakes region. The most popular cities of this state include Evansville and Fort Wayne,which are known for their great industrial work and tremendous careers for individuals. Psychology practitioners are highly in demand and are hired in a variety of settings in Indiana. Therefore, a career in this field could be a great way for advancement in this state.


Indiana has an elevating economy and top industries like pharmaceutical, automobile, electronics, chemical products and transport equipment have a great share in the economy of this state. These help in generating fairly good state products. The population of this state is 6,516,922 offering a large labor market. Psychologists in almost every sector provide complete services to people having various mental disorders, behavioral and emotional problems by diagnosing them and then treating their issues. They are mostly required in health care industry to ensure quality services.

Therefore, those with a specialized degree in health or clinical might have a bright and thriving future. An individual with a PhD degree on the other hand, can be offered higher positions in the health care industry. Due to large electronics and automobile industries, the market has become highly competitive with the presence of new competitors beating the old ones. In such a situation, owners and employees are spending more time at work, which leads to high levels of stress. Therefore, not only are thesepsychologists required at clinics and hospitals, but also in different firms and companies.

Education Requirements

The requirements of education vary by state. To work as a professional in this field in Indiana, one must have formal education at bachelor’s, masters or doctorate level. Individuals with a doctorate degree enjoy more employment opportunities compared to anything lower. Some volunteering organizations like Bloomington Volunteer Network, United Way of Central Indiana (Indianapolis) and United Way of Porter County (Valparaiso) can assist one byproviding information on the work environment and organizations offering jobs.

Bachelor’s Degree

According to Indiana Department of Workforce Development, Indiana is one of the 25th fastest growing states that look for specialists with a bachelor’s degree from this field. It includes a lot of career options such as, management analysis, post-secondary teaching, substance abuse and behavior disorder counseling, communication analysis, instructional coordination and occupational therapy.

Masters Degree

A master’s degree in psychology might be beneficial to work in corporate, corrections and private sector. Graduates can also choose to work it special education, marketing research and advertising. Individuals who have earned rehabilitation, health or development concentration are also found working in mental health centers, correctional institutions, healthcare facilities and hospitals.

Doctorate Degrees

This degree program will help you find work in numerous places like hospitals, private practice, prison and university. Other options to specialize in are clinical, social, forensic, industrial-organization or sports, which allow individuals to connect with people in almost every industry.

Licensure Requirements

Almost all states in United States want individuals from this discipline to be licensed. Indiana also has set requirements for licensure as it is needed before the work practice. The first step is to complete education. After which, and internship experience completing1500 hours in 2 years must be completed. Moreover, supervised experience of 1600 hours within a year is required to apply for licensure examination. Once the requirements are approved, you can be eligible for the Examination for Professional Practice in Psychology (EPPP).

Career Opportunities

There are favorable opportunities for specialists of this field. Some of the top employers in this state are Department Of Veterans Affairs, Army Medical Department (AMEDD), Indiana State University and Corizon. The employment rate of psychologists in clinical, research and counseling settings was 1,490 according to the Bureau of Labor Statisticsin May 2011.

Industries that look for these practitioners are:

Education and Training Services

Practitioners who are specialized in the educational field can work in universities, schools and colleges. Their work is to assess students through analysis and evaluation to determine how they acquire education and how they learn and develop.

Health Care

Work is available in hospitals, private practice, healthcare facilities, outpatient care centers and psychiatric and substance abuse hospitals. These practitioners focus on research and clinical fieldwork by diagnosing disorders and treating emotional distress to promote personal development and well-being of clients.

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