Forensic Psychology Schools in Arizona

Let us discus some important industry statistics before we move further. According to the statistical database at the Bureau of Labor Statistics (, the growth in employment of psychologists over by the year 2020 is about 22% which translates to about 37,700 new jobs. The average annual salary for forensic psychologists in Arizona is $53,000.

Keeping in view the aforementioned figures, forensic psychology is a good industry to get into especially if you wish to make a career out of it. The best way to enter an industry and make a career out of it is by gaining the relevant academic qualifications. So what you need to do is start looking for forensic psychology schools in Arizona which should provide you with the necessary academic certification. Depending on your current level, you may look through bachelors, masters or doctorate level programs. Keep the option for online education open as well as it may expand your possibilities.


A couple of schools in Arizona that you can check out that may offer forensic psychology are Argosy University – Phoenix, Western International University, and Prescott College. Carefully go through their program selection to see what they have to offer and make sure you understand their requirements in terms of paperwork and documentation.

With a degree in forensic psychology, you can help the justice system deliver justice to those that it tries. You will be able to understand criminal behavior, study and analyze witnesses, determine trial competency, establish the motivation of suspects and many other vital aspects of criminal law. All this will need to be translated into a language and methodology that the participants of the court case can understand. Therefore it is best to start research into schools right away as time is of the essence. Good luck!

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