Accredited Forensic Psychology Schools in Oregon [2024 Guide]

Last Updated: June 25, 2024

Professionals who are involved in the field of forensic psychology deal with the combined applications of psychology and law. They need to be engaged in the investigation of the psychological aspects in crimes, investigations, and court processes.

Forensic psychology has achieved prominent growth because it is commonly depicted by the media, such as in movies and television shows. If you want to build a career in this field, there are many schools in Oregon that can provide you with the help in such degree.

Some of the fast-rising careers in the state include those that are related to math, science, and healthcare, and hence, making the field of forensic psychology attractive for those who are planning to start their career.

However, to take advantage of the employment opportunities in such field, there is a need to be provided with formal education to acquire the necessary knowledge and skills.

One of the schools in Oregon that offers a degree in forensic psychology is the Northwest Forensic Institute. They provide education to people who are interested to work in this discipline. They also offer evaluation and consultation services in relation to forensic psychology.

There are also online schools that offer degrees in forensic psychology, which is ideal for those who are not gifted with the luxury of time. Whether you would want to pursue a campus or online degree, you will have to take courses related to neuropsychological assessment, child assessment, and adult and juvenile forensic psychology, among others.

Some of the organizations at which you can be employed as a forensic psychologist in Oregon will include the Oregon State Hospital, St. Mary’s Home for Boys, and the Oregon Department of Corrections.

Regardless of the work that you plan to start, you need to gain certification from the Oregon Health Authority in order to be eligible to practice the profession.

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