Which Illinois Colleges Offer Counseling Psychology Programs?

With over sixty accredited counseling psychologist schools in Illinois, individuals can select one of the best schools in the state. Students can choose a school that offers a certificate, associate, bachelor, master, specialist, and/or PhD degree programs. Schools are located in Springfield, Chicago, Charleston, Greenville, Aurora, Lisle, Naperville, Deerfield, River Forest, and Champaign. There are certain requirements for students who want to enter an advanced program such as, master, specialist or doctoral. Students are prepared on different psychology professional levels in each program.

The Master of Arts program prepares all students with knowledge of human development from birth to adult. Students are taught the developmental processes of the physical, emotional and cognitive functions. The ethical and legal issues involving standard practices and care standards based on federal laws are taught and reinforced with students. The PhD program prepares students to actually practice as licensed psychologists. Students are prepared to treat patients with ADD, Autism, OCD, NARD, ADHD and other disorders.

Employment Opportunities in Illinois for Counseling Psychologists

The industries in Illinois, like public schools, colleges, universities and hospitals employ thousands of licensed counseling psychologists. According to the U.S. Department of Labor Statistics, Illinois employed approximately 5,000 counselors and psychologists (May, 2012). The statistics reveal that employment opportunities are available with a variety of industries throughout the state. Counseling psychologists can earn up to $68,000 a year. The estimated average hourly wage nationally is nearly $35.00.

Illinois Accredited Colleges and Universities

There are more accredited community colleges and public & private universities in Illinois to attain an associate, bachelor, master, specialist or PhD degree in psychology. Students may select a school with the best program to meet his or her career goals.

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