Clinical Psychology Schools in New Hampshire

Clinical psychology is a branch of psychology that involves the diagnosis and treatment of psychological problems such as obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), depression, anxiety, panic attacks and trauma, post-traumatic stress disorder.

Clinical psychologists possess a large and specific set of relevant knowledge through their training and specializing process that allows them to analyze individual situations and circumstances and hence determine the source of their respective patient’s psychological situations.

Once the concern has been identified clinical psychologists use a variety of methods including Psychological Testing, Psychological Counseling and even Psychotherapy, depending on the particular patient and the particular circumstances. Some clinical psychologists collaborate with psychiatrists who are essentially medical doctors and hence can prescribe medicine to patients. Clinical psychologists who feel their patients could benefit from appropriate medication can refer them to the psychiatrist they work alongside and similarly psychiatrists who feel their patients do not need medication and feel the concerned individual would be better off with psychological methods of therapy and cure can refer the patients to the clinical psychologist they collaborate with.

As a clinical psychologist one has the option of working in a number of different areas. Professionals who prefer to work alone and according to their own hours can open a private practice if they have the necessary funds available that are required to set up a practice. Furthermore individuals in this field can work in hospitals, clinics and other medical of health centers. Many schools and colleges hire them as counselors for their students as well.

Some psychology schools in New Hampshire that offer degrees in clinical psychology include University of New Hampshire – Main Campus, Southern New Hampshire University, Dartmouth College, Hesser College, Keene State College, Rivier College, New England College and so on. The average annual salary for clinical psychologists in New Hampshire is $58,000 (

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