Clinical Psychology Schools in Nebraska

To pursue a career in clinical psychology you need to have the right academic qualifications and certifications. Not everyone can become a clinical psychologist since entrance in the field is largely determined by the academic qualifications you possess. You may be required to have a Master’s degree in clinical psychology or a Doctorate level degree. Furthermore, you need to have some market experience or practical exposure to the field. This is usually in the form of internships, volunteer work or apprenticeship. If you work hard enough, your school may be able to find placement for you in this regard.

The type of licensure or certification may vary from state to state. Look for various accredited schools in Nebraska offering clinical psychology programs to help you through your academic journey. It is preferred that you seek certification from a program or school that has been recognized and accredited by the American Psychologists Association as this is a sign and stamp of a quality education. It will also improve your marketability and bargaining power when dealing with future employment.

Research the APA website as it will also help you learn about the industry dynamics, market research, career outlook, job postings and recent industry related news. The Nebraska Psychological Association too can also provide a solid understanding of what the industry has to offer and how it operates. For information related to the government

In Nebraska, you may find clinical psychology programs at various schools such as Chadron State University, Bellevue University, Doane College, Grace University, Hastings College, Creighton University, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, University of Nebraska – Omaha, and University of Nebraska at Kearney.

The average annual salary for clinical psychologists in Nebraska is $51,000 (, while growth in employment in this sector during this decade is roughly 22% (

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