Clinical Psychology Schools in Montana

Let us discuss some statistics on clinical psychologists first. The average annual salary for clinical psychologists in Montana is this $46,000 ( As you gain more experience and market knowledge you may be able to enjoy greater returns. Furthermore The Bureau of Labor Statistics has estimated that the growth in the employment level of psychologists is about 22% during this current decade. These statistics should paint a favorable picture for those interested in pursuing a career in clinical psychologists as you.

This is a field of Science that demands excellent and adherence to industry standards. This is why entrance into this field requires hard work and dedication. This is especially true if you want to make a career out of clinical psychology. Look through the clinical psychology schools in Montana to give you an understanding of the education sector and the program structure. The University of Montana is one school you can research.

For more information on the market, industry dynamics, training, licensing, certification and so on, you can visit a number of sources. For starters, The Montana Association of School Psychologists can be helpful ( Another useful source is the Montana Board of Psychologists (

You may come across a number of courses including Principles of Psychology, Chemistry, Physiology, Anatomy, Communication Skills, Adult Psychology, Child Psychology, Statistics, Research, Experimental Psychology, and so on. After you go through the basic and foundation courses, you may be able to choose your majors or electives. These are the courses you specialize in to develop your area of specialization in clinical psychology and most likely will decide your career path.

Growth in this industry depends entirely on your performance and understanding of the market. As you treat more patients and broaden your clientele, the chances of growth increase.

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