Clinical Psychology Schools in Mississippi

Lightner Witmer, the American psychologists, was the first person to introduce the term clinical psychology and defined it as a study which is done to observe or experiment individuals for the sake of change in their present condition. With the passage of time this field has gained a lot of popularity and hundreds and thousands of students apply for an educational degree program in clinical psychology.

Just like other states of the United States, Mississippi has been determined to provide healthcare services to its residents. According to Commonwealth Fund, it is ranked 50th for its healthcare services among all the states. Psychologists in such an integrated healthcare system play their role persistently.

If you find it exciting to be a psychologist then clinical psychology is the most popular branch of psychology. Clinical psychology schools in Mississippi might be found in almost every city, therefore, apply for a school which is near your house. To have a strong foundation a Bachelor’s of Science in Psychology could be studied from Mississippi State University, while the Master of Science in Clinical Psychology should be your next degree to earn.

Assessment and treatment of mentally disturbed patients along with in-depth analysis of therapies will be the main focus during a master’s program. You will be studying about various phobias, anxiety, stress, depression, irrational beliefs and hallucinations. Moreover, a doctorate degree leaves no doubts for attaining success in professional career therefore, the University of Mississippi offers a Doctor of Philosophy in Clinical Psychology. Research and extensive learning is done only during a doctorate program after which you will become eligible for gaining a license from Mississippi Board of Psychology.

$47,210 is the average income earned annually by clinical psychologists in Mississippi in 2011 and 840 was the number of employed psychologists in offices of health practitioners, outpatient care centers, psychiatric and substance abuse hospitals and other residential care facilities (BLS). Your journey as a psychologist will also be a never-ending learning process which might benefit a lot of Mississippi residents.

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