Clinical Psychology Schools in Maryland

Becoming a Clinical Psychologist is a worthwhile profession to pursue if one possesses an interest in psychology, counseling and helping people. Clinical psychology is a branch of psychology that aims to diagnose and cure patients with psychological disorders using psychotherapy and various psychological tests and solutions. Clinical psychologists address individuals with concerns such as depression, anxiety, learning disabilities, trauma and even those suffering through a painful loss or tragedy, amongst other things.

In order to become a practicing clinical psychologist one is usually required to have a Masters or PhD in Psychology and also some experience in a clinic environment. Before attaining a PhD in Psychology one is typically required to first attain a bachelor or undergraduate degree followed by a Masters in Psychology. In order to do an undergraduate degree one does not usually require a background in Science subjects like Biology, Chemistry and Physics however some institutions do require some experience in Mathematics. Statistics in particular are a popular in Psychology and so knowledge of statistics may prove advantageous for one considering this profession. Apart from various other universities in Maryland, The Frostburg State University and Loyala University Maryland offer accredited clinical psychology programs.

One may face a variety of work related opportunities. One has the option to open a privately owned practice and work at one’s own clinic. Clinical Psychologists also work in hospitals or work in collaboration with and alongside Psychiatrists who can prescribe medicine to the patients or clients if required. Furthermore, Clinical psychologists can also work in schools as student counselors and can even enter the academic profession by teaching students of psychology at various levels.

By becoming a clinical psychologist one also has the option of working at a number of health centers and in doing so potentially help a number of individuals by virtue of their profession that provides them with a valuable and specific skill set and knowledge base. The average annual salary for these psychologists in Maryland is $64,000 (

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