Clinical Psychology Schools in Maine

It is a known fact that education opens doors and provides growth opportunities to those who purse it. Having recent and relevant academic qualifications under your belt will most likely increase your chances of landing a good job that offers security and growth prospects. Keeping this in mind, you must do your level best to study hard and gain the right qualifications for the job and career.

This is especially true for a science related field such as clinical psychology as the industry standards are high and entrance equally hard. The industry is quite competitive and clinical psychologists need to study hard to prove their worth to future employers and clients.

The average annual salary for clinical psychologists in Maine is $51,000 ( and industry employment is estimated to grow by 30% (

Clinical psychology is one of the many branches of psychology. It is that branch that deals with assisting the human mind with various troubles and issues. The goal is to rid patients of their psychological and emotional woes and construct a path to harmony and peace. It begins with the accurate identification of the emotional or psychological problem first, then moves on to the treatment or corrective action and finally it focuses on the prevention of a relapse. Therefore it is a systematic process adopted by clinical psychologists.

You will need to find a suitable selection of clinical psychology schools in Maine for your degree needs, whether it is bachelor’s level, masters level or doctorate level. To become a practicing clinical psychologist you will need a doctorate level degree and some certifications. You should research the various psychology certifications in Maine so that you have a better idea of what is needed.

Some of the schools in Maine that offer clinical psychology qualifications to students include Husson University and University of Maine. Be sure to go through the documentation and experience requirements of each school. Some schools may offer placements or internships.

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