Clinical Psychology Schools in Florida

Florida took a new shift in 20th century with the expansion of new industries of tourism, international banking, life sciences and biomedical and healthcare research. The extensive research in healthcare has led to the treatment of many physical issues and diseases which was not possible before. Similarly in field of psychology a lot changes have been seen that increased the employment ratio of clinical psychologists which was 2,550 in 2011 in Florida. Clinical psychologists earned average salary of $68,600 annually according to an estimate (BLS).

Higher employment rate and a good salary package are the two main features which might attract a person to be a clinical psychologist. In some cases people are keen to know human psychology. Therefore, the feasible option is to study the subject thoroughly to serve the humanity at a large scale.

The chances of success depend entirely on qualification and experience therefore, a bachelor’s degree in psychology of 4 years from one of the clinical psychology schools in Florida should be a stepping stone. Later, a major in clinical psychology during a master’s program focus on the biological, mental and emotional aspects of human. Dysfunctional behavior of human beings is the core course that also has a theoretical and practical part as well.

Students are prepared to work in a professional environment through clinical practice and research. A PhD is another step towards joining the research industry or becoming a professor.  Following the schools requirements, certain hours of internship must be completed, which is a valuable work experience for individuals. The Board of Psychology provides licensure to psychologists in Florida and applicants have to go through examination or endorsement. It also requires passing the Florida Laws and Rules Examination.

Clinics, independent practices, schools or colleges, rehabilitation facilities, hospitals and mental health care centers are some of the target areas for clinical psychologists to work. The pay scale might increase along with experience throughout the years.

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