Child Psychology Schools in Wisconsin

Wisconsin is the 20th most populated state in the US that has about 72 counties. It is known as “America’s Dairyland” because it is one of the largest dairy producers.  The Tourism and Manufacturing industries positively contribute to the state’s economy.

The scientific study of mental and psychological changes that occur over a period of time is known as child psychology. More specifically, this field focuses on infants through adolescence and aims at helping this age group cope with psychological challenges and problems should they occur.

Child Psychology Education

If you feel that developmental psychology is your calling then the best way to enter the field is through education and certification. You will need the right academic qualifications depending on how far you want to go in this field. Bachelors, Masters, PhD and so on are possible degrees you can work towards.

You may have to take a number of different courses that should help you get familiar with the principles and advanced concepts of child psychology. Some courses that you may come across include Research and Statistics, Psychology 101, Behavioral Analysis, Correctional Psychology, Cognitive Development, Chemistry, Social and Emotional Development, Communication Skills and so on. These courses will help you understand what Child Psychology is all about. This form of academic exposure is necessary should you wish to apply for higher positions or practice child psychology. The next step after education is to obtain a license. Each state has different set of requirements so be sure to look up the requirements at the Association of State and Provincial Psychology Boards (

You should look up the Wisconsin Psychology Association ( for details pertaining to membership, information, education, communities and so on.

Outlook for Child Psychologists

The average salary for a child psychologist in Wisconsin is $51,000 ( Some top employers include the Mayo Clinic, Gunderson Lutheran Medical Center, Rogers Memorial Hospital, Medical College of Wisconsin and many others. Be sure to thoroughly research.

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